This month, we caught up with former Media Production student, Toni Land, who left us back in 2016.

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1. What did you study at Dv8?
Media Production
2. What was your experience of studying at Dv8? What is your favourite memory? 
My time at DV8 definitely helped me choose the path I wanted to take career-wise. My favourite memory of the course would most likely be something kind of daft like hanging about in the break room during lunch with everyone, honestly – or filming things around the city. It was fun.
3. What are you currently up to? 
I’m currently studying for a Master’s degree in Creative Writing at the University of Chichester, and I did my Bachelors in Screenwriting at the same uni. 

4. How did your chosen subject at Dv8 help you progress onto what you are doing now?
If I hadn’t done the extra year of a Media course at DV8 I probably would have ended up studying Music or Theatre, so it definitely played a massive part in my life!


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