This month’s Alumni profile is Charlie Stonham, a past Media Production student who is currently studying Performing Arts in Birmingham.

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1. What did you study at Dv8?
Media Production
2. What was your experience of studying at Dv8? What is your favourite memory? 
I have so many positive memories about Dv8 Sussex. I met so many great, talented staff and caring people who work in the Arts industry. In my second year at Dv8, I was inspired to create a film about Fragile XE Syndrome. The film was created in a documentary style and was challenging, yet I feel I learnt a lot. I developed my skills in Film editing, Producing and Directing. Another great memory was when Dv8 gave me an annual award in my name, ‘The Charlie Stonham Award’. I felt so happy and honoured. If I did not attend Dv8, I wouldn’t know where I’d be now. 
3. What are you currently up to? 
I’m studying BTEC Level 2 Performing Arts at Queen Alexandra College and am now in my third year. After this, I would like to go on to study Film at University of Birmingham.

4. How did your chosen subject at Dv8 help you progress onto what you are doing now?
The Media course helped me to explore my talent in the Arts and develop new skills. Some of the most important things I’ve learnt at Dv8 are; to never give up on your dreams, always be positive, and to explore different opportunities in the arts industry.


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