Welcome to Learning Support! We are a friendly supportive team, both in and out of the classroom to ensure that you have a great learning experience at Dv8. The Learning Support team works closely with tutors to ensure that your needs are met in class and to assist you with your learning. The team has a variety of knowledge in creative and vocational subjects, across several levels, so are able to support you from Maths to Music! The Learning Support team is also there to ensure that your wellbeing and pastoral needs are met – we are always around for a friendly chat! 

The support we offer includes: 

  • One to one sessions with specialist staff
  • Group work – Life skills / employability programme
  • Personalised support in the classroom
  • Catch up sessions and drop-ins 
  • Learning resources for Special Educational Needs 
  • Support with getting specific needs for exams sorted, such as extra time or a reader
  • Welfare advice, including drop ins 
  • Employability, careers advice and support with UCAS applications 
  • Financial support and advice 
  • Access to counselling and other services 

Information for parents: 

We provide support for learners with EHCP’s. This process starts at the interview, where a member of the learning support team will be present to ensure that support can be implemented early in the learning journey with Dv8. EHCP learners have access to a support worker in sessions, who works with the learner in a way that is best suited for them based on EHCP outcomes. Our staff take the time to get to know learners, and to tailor learning to suit individual needs. A bespoke transition package can be tailored to the individuals needs. This will ensure that each learner has a trusted adult that they can approach for support both in and beyond the classroom.

Provision for High Needs:   Ofsted Rating Good – March 2020


“DV8 has provided my daughter with a space to grow in confidence and academically that she has never experienced in any of her previous educational experiences. She has a complicated medical condition, lately diagnosed and had experienced bullying at school previously which really damaged her and left her disengaged, unsure of her abilities, and struggling with social anxiety.  I cannot stress enough how much her time at DV8 has turned her sense of self around.  She feels valued, safe and supported there, something that she has never felt in an educational environment before.”

“She now has a sense of her future, for the first time she is talking about plans for her future, for a career and further training. Thank you to the whole team, for sticking with her and defending DV8 under the current conditions.”

“DV8 has outstanding pastoral care. I firmly believe that my daughter would be unable to access learning in any environment (including many rated grade 1) without the emotional support and care of the staff here. They take in many pupils who have struggled and failed to achieve in other settings and, along an often very bumpy road, their person centred approach ensures that pupils gain education, confidence, security and empowerment.”