games development course

LEVEL 2 & 3

LEVEL 2 & 3



Dv8 Sussex


16 - 19


Brighton & Bexhill


3 days per week


The Games Development course is designed to give you a solid foundation in all aspects of one of the world’s fastest growing industries. Students work with expert tutors in small classes to understand all aspects of designing a successful game, including software, narrative and user experience.
Through working on game design projects independently and in groups, students gain confidence in 3D design, programming, graphic design and sound production, giving them the tools to produce every element of a video game themselves. Throughout the course there will be opportunities to fulfil a variety of roles whilst bringing game ideas to life on screen. Understanding the industry is key to the learning and a variety of exciting and inspiring industry guests will offer advice and real-life project briefs.

What will i do on the games development course?

• Be introduced to games development software such as Construct 2, Unity, Piskelapp, Beepbox, Chiptone, Blender and MagicaVoxel
• Develop your own narrative ideas for games including scripting and storyboarding techniques
• Build an understanding of User Experience and User Interfaces
• Explore soundtracking and gain production and composition skills using Logic Pro
• Develop and build App ideas
• Explore different careers in the games industry
• Build a portfolio of work showcasing your skills
• Work on projects in collaboration with Music, Media and Events students
• Explore VR and AR technology and their emerging applications

at level 2 i will:

• Achieve Technical Media Production Level 2 Diploma (Games Pathway)
• Gain a foundation understanding of game design software such as Construct 2, Unity, Piskelapp, Beepbox, Chiptone, MagicaVoxel
• Create a professional portfolio
• Explore various roles within the video games industry
• Progress to Level 3 courses in Games Design and Media Production
• Relevant vocational experience and/or qualifications
• English or Maths at GCSE grade 3 or above


  • Achieve Technical Media Production Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma, Games Pathway (1st year)
  • Achieve Technical Media Production Level 3 Extended Diploma, Games Pathway (2nd year)
  • Gain an understanding of core scripting concepts, allowing for the creation of custom game scripts inside of a game engine
  • Produce detailed 3D models using industry-standard production techniques
  • Create ‘rigs’ for 3D models, enabling the then to be used in digital animation
  • Develop an understanding of game genre conventions
  • Design games to meet a specific purpose and fulfil the needs of the audience
• 4 GCSEs grade 9 – 4 or relevant Level 2 in Media / Art / Graphics / Computing and portfolio
• English and Maths at GCSE grade 4 or above
• Please note that anyone aged 19 or above that already holds a Level 3 or equivalent qualification is illegible for free funding. Please contact us for more information if you wish to discuss privately funding this course.

What our previous students say

Photography practise

It was so amazing getting the chance to turn my hobby into something that I could do for a career! I really enjoyed learning how to build my first set of characters and storyboarding game ideas.


Games Development

Dv8 gave me loads of experience in software that is so important in the games industry. I’m looking forward to adding to my portfolio and trying to get an apprenticeship in the gaming industry,