This month’s Alumni profile is Keith Bridle, a prior Media Production student, who has kept himself busy since leaving us back in 2017!

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1. What did you study at Dv8?
I studied Media Production, Level 3 at Dv8 Brighton back in 2017.

2. What was your experience of studying at Dv8? What is your favourite memory?
I had such a brilliant time studying, it allowed me to pave the way to my future and develop my skills in a way that I haven’t had the chance to prior. I particularly loved the opportunity to produce, not one, but two short films and have them shown at Komedia through the B.Fest Film Festival that was run by my tutor. Throughout my time at Dv8, I have also gained some invaluable creative connections and this has allowed me to gain work experience with wonderful people such as Big Egg Films and Makerlab and have the confidence to network with people in the industry throughout the city. I found that I had an extreme passion for film production and so went on to study this as a degree shortly after finishing Dv8. 

3. What are you currently up to? Studying at university/ working full time?
These days, I have graduated and work as a freelance photographer and videographer, specialising in portraiture, and music video work for clients. I have also begun a PGCE (teacher training) and have since been teaching Creative Media at the Greater Brighton Metropolitan College whilst running my freelance business. The skills and opportunities I gained at Dv8 have allowed me to not only find my passions but develop them in a way where it has become my profession and am now not only working but teaching these skills to others. 

4. How did your chosen subject at Dv8 help you progress onto what you are doing now?
The one fundamental thing I have learned from Dv8, is that if you’re thinking of getting into the creative industries, then you just need to get out there and do it, something that Dv8 will forever encourage and support you to do. It truly will pave the way for your future, as it did with me.
Find some of Keith’s work over on his Instagram page here.

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