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maths, english & personal development

Confidence in Maths & English is vital to success and they are at the heart of everything we do in work and life. Embedded within each course are sessions developing these essential skills and demonstrating their relevance to everything in education and the wider world. Students will be given the opportunity to study Maths and English at Functional Skill or IGCSE level, dependent on their prior attainment. For students at Level 2 and 3 who have already gained equivalent qualifications there will be the opportunity to study Extended Projects, creating an artefact of their choosing and detailing the development of this process. Extended Projects provide students with the chance to acquire additional UCAS points and to develop their independent research and learning.

Our Maths and English tutors are just as inspiring and passionate as our study programme tutors and offer real life examples of how to use these skills, making them relevant to our students. Whether it’s working out the beats per minute for their latest music track or writing a press release for their latest movie, students learn to appreciate the benefits a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy offer.

Within each study programme we also incorporate employability skills in preparation for the world of work; examples of this include CV writing, interview technique and work placements. We recognise the importance of personal development and ensure that our personal, social and health education enables students to develop individually.

It is our mission to offer every Dv8 Sussex student a complete and comprehensive package and we are confident that our delivery of literacy, numeracy, employability and PSD within each course offers every student the strongest platform for success.