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As A-level results are upon us once again, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you why we think taking a third year of college education at Dv8 Sussex could be the best decision you make for your future career!

Who is this blog post for?

We think it’s important to tell you who we’re addressing with this post. If you want to become a master mathematician, sporting phenomenon, or a genius Physicist just like Sheldon Cooper, we aren’t the right post A-level option for you.


If you’re a cultured young person driven by the ambition to end up in a hands-on, practical job in one of the many creative industries, then you need to read this.

Here are four reasons why you should consider taking a third year of further education at Dv8 Sussex.

1) Get a taste of what the Creative Industries are really about

You may have just completed your A-levels and know that you want to work in the creative industries. You may know you have a particular skill set, but you may be unsure as to where you want to end up exactly. The idea of committing to a degree at University likely miles from your home on a course that you’re not completely sure is right for you is a scary notion for any A-level graduate. But who is making you embark on this journey immediately?


Take a step back to reflect on what you really want before you leap head first. A third year of further education at Dv8 Sussex will give you the space to explore new pathways outside of the classroom and text books. You’ll have the opportunity to try a handful of new equipment and explore new roles you haven’t heard of. You will also get involved with real briefs set by companies and creative professionals working in the industry you’re interested in. This is a chance to try something new and exciting and see whether it’s something you would like to pursue further.

Media Producion at Jamie Olivers

2) Get relevant work experience and make industry links

During your time at Dv8 you’ll meet professionals working in a whole range of creative industries. We hold Creative Careers Days throughout the year when we invite inspiring and active guests in for a day of practical workshops, panels and discussions. Grill them as you wish about their experience and journey to where they are now. We also regularly invite guests into the classes for Q&A sessions, as well as taking trips to local organisations for venue recces, studio tours, and exhibition visits.

If a year of meeting practising professionals wasn’t enough, you’ll also be able to get a relevant work experience placement. You’ll be living and breathing your creative subject and by the end of the year, you’ll leave with a handful of contacts and a multitude of experience in a variety of roles.

I came here because I felt like I wasn’t ready for university yet, even though I had the grades. Dv8 was the solution to refining my knowledge about media and building my confidence. I am now progressing to university at the London College of Communication to study Illustration and Visual media. – Jordan, Media Production Graduate

3) Contrast between academic and vocational

We stated earlier that this blog post is specifically for the student that wants to be practical, get out there and leave with a wealth of practical experience and new confidence. You may have finished your A-levels but not quite had the practical and vocational experience you were seeking. Maybe the small amount of hands on action has left you with a thirst for more camera work, or putting together your own events.

A year at Dv8 is a year of making, creating, designing, conceiving, planning and hosting, discussing, experimenting and exploring. It’s a year of bringing your ideas to life and giving you the confidence to not just understand a subject, but how to thrive and succeed in it.

Students visiting the Theatre Royale

4) Create a professional portfolio

Depending on your subject you’ll spend your time at Dv8 producing music, filming and editing videos, designing garments and clothing or hosting your very own events. Every course will leave you with a rich portfolio of creative work that will demonstrate your abilities and skills. Your social media profiles, personal and professional alike, will be overflowing with content you’ve created. Potential collaborators and employers will be able to marvel in your work.

What would you prefer?

Going to University or a potential employer with a piece of paper detailing your grades, or the grades plus a portfolio of your hard work and dedication to back up those grades?

We’ll leave you to ponder…

So what happens after my third year at Dv8?

The choice is yours! Go on to University with a new found confidence for the subject you want to turn into a career. Look for an Apprenticeship or Internship and show off your creative portfolio and the work you’ve produced this year. Maybe you’re ready and willing to go straight into employment. Use your new contacts and social media profiles to reach out to employers. Studying this third year at Dv8 isn’t about delaying your life choice. This third year is about reaching your full potential and making the most of every opportunity that comes your way to propel yourself into your chosen creative industry.

Apply online and join us this September to mark the start of your career : Apply here! 

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