introduction to music, media & digital

intro to music, media & digital





16 - 18




3 days per week

Music, Media & Digital
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This course is designed to give students a hands-on feel for a variety of creative techniques to help find the path that is right for them. Aspiring musicians will get the chance to record their tracks and learn how to promote themselves online; photographers will get the chance to learn how to arrange their first shoot; filmmakers will have the chance to bring their ideas to life on professional software.
In a small and inclusive classroom environment, students work on projects independently and in teams, exploring a variety of roles and ideas, whilst building confidence and experience. The course is led by tutors who have experience of working in the creative industries who can offer you invaluable advice on how to get started.

What will i do on the course?

• Record music using a music studio and Logic Pro software
• Film and edit video footage using iMovie and Adobe Premiere
• Explore photography using professional DSLR cameras and Photoshop
• Experiment with stop motion animation
• Build digital skills in areas such as digital marketing and blogging
• Develop employment skills and CV writing
• Gain confidence and work skills
• Create a varied portfolio of your work
• Explore a variety of roles to find your preferred creative path
• Collaborate with other students to create events and performances showcasing your work

at level 1 i will:

• Achieve a qualification in Creative Digital Media and Music.
• Learn the basics of software such as Logic Pro, Adobe Premiere and Photoshop
• Learn how to operate digital cameras and audio recording equipment
• Explore a variety of jobs within the creative industries
• Begin to create a professional portfolio of your work
• Progress to Intermediate and Advanced courses in Music Production & Performance, Art, Fashion & Design, Media Production, and Event Management, and Games Development

• Applicants should be able to provide evidence of a positive attitude to learning and a demonstrable ability to complete Numeracy and Literacy work at Entry Level

• An interest in creative media/music is essential

What our previous students say

Introduction to Music, Media & Digital

Dv8 has changed me so much! They have built up my confidence and improved my skills and all of my family and friends have noticed the positive changes in me.


1 Brighton FM Radio Takeover 3

Since doing the Level 1 course at Dv8 I have progressed to a Level 3 Music Production course. Learning in a small class was brilliant and really allowed me to find the things I was best at