This month’s Alumni profile is Lauren Welsh, a past Music Production student who is currently studying BA (Hons) Songwriting at BIMM.

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1. What did you study at Dv8?
I studied Music Production and Performance, Level 2 and 3.
2. What was your experience of studying at Dv8? What is your favourite memory? 
Dv8 has helped me grow as a person and gain confidence with performing. It also helped me with my skills in production. One of my favourite memories was performing for the first time. I was really nervous, but afterwards I felt great and wanted to do it again! The staff and teachers were very supportive with coursework and well-being.
3. What are you currently up to? 
Currently, I’m studying at BIMM in Brighton and I’m on the BA (hons) Songwriting course. So far, it’s been incredible and I also thank Dv8 for giving me the relevant qualifications and support I needed to take the next step in my music career. 

4. How did your chosen subject at Dv8 help you progress onto what you are doing now?

Studying at Dv8 helped me gain experience with performing and production as I want to be a singer songwriter for myself, and to write for other people. The course helped me learn the basic skills, more about the industry, and useful tips for producing music.


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