'Mad Dog Kelly found dead! Grand opening of the Speakeasy to continue as planned...'

On Friday 14th December, the Event Management students held their very first show after months of preparations. This is their write up of the planning and production of the Speakeasy…

The day had arrived where as a class, we were tasked with planning our first event!

The first thing we had to do was come up with a theme. And so, on a sunny day in The Pavillion Gardens, our group decided our theme would be a 1920’s prohibition era and that we would run A Speakeasy.

It was a bit of a 6 week blur from there, from allocating our roles, sewing and making all of the costumes ourselves to booking our taxis to transport all of our instruments to the venue.

We all had jobs to complete during the planning process and they all overlapped. Some of us were booking acts and some of us were working production but we made sure we had a really thorough planning period.

The day before the event we hit our first hurdle. There was an issue with our instruments and some of our bands cancelled. But with a bit of quick thinking we managed to call in some favours and luckily in house we had our talented opera singer Jasmine who agreed to perform – we all stayed calm and were able to problem solve well.

It was the day of the event – I could feel the anticipation in the air. We met at college and talked about the day ahead. Soon we were at the venue running around trying to get all the decor up and do a sound check all within our hour get in! Our venue was The Walrus – which was so perfect for our speakeasy theme. And they gave it to us for free (huge thanks to The Walrus)!

The doors opened and we were off! At 1:30pm the entrance was flooded with people. We had a queue! We asked some people what they thought of the event and they said that “the performances were really good throughout the night.” – One person interviewed said they would give the event  “10/10”.

We were really lucky to have amazing performers who were really talented and helped to bring the event to life so a big thank you to – Miri, Jessie, Jamie, Ed, Latya, Alex, Will, Sian Anouska, Catherine and Jasmine. Also a big thank you to all of the staff at The Walrus.

Overall I think we had a hugely successful event with almost 100 attendees and lots of great feedback. I know as a class we were really happy with our efforts and we are very excited to start planning our next event!

If you’d like to learn the nitty and gritty of planning and production for Events and even put on your own, check out our Level 3 course here and apply to start in September 2019

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