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University applications, producing a short film & life at Dv8…

We recently heard that our Level 3 Media Production student Jordan had received some brilliant news about her university applications. We caught up with her to find out about her good news, her journey at Dv8, and her top tips for young aspiring film makers.

Hey Jordan, tell us a bit more about yourself… 

Hello! I study on the Level 3 Media Production course at Dv8 Sussex. I previously studied Animation and Illustration with a big interest in Fashion before realising that I wanted to explore moving image in more detail. Originally I had an offer to study at Brighton Film School but I didn’t feel I had enough experience and wanted to use my last free year of education, so I made the decision to defer a year and join Dv8’s media course. My intention on joining Dv8 was to broaden my media and film knowledge and get some practical experience in areas of media I wasn’t very familiar with.

How has Dv8 helped you to develop as a film maker / artist? 

I was a bit closed minded when I joined Dv8’s media course and was very into fashion, art and animation. My tutor Jarlath noticed this early into the year and really helped me to open my mind and explore other areas of media and art. After nearly a year here I am much more of a multi-media person now. I’ve had the chance to plan, shoot and edit my own short film, improve my confidence and people skills through interviewing local Brighton residents in the streets, and developed new technical skills filming with a DSLR and editing using Premiere Pro.

Jordan at Dave's Comics

What’s your long term goal / career aim?

I think I’d like to eventually be a freelance media consultant where I could combine all of my skills and knowledge and offer a range of services to clients, including photography, film making and editing, animation and concept drawing. I really enjoy working independently and feel acting as a freelance would allow me to explore my creativity with little boundaries. I want to construct meaningful campaigns rather than just consume others. If I could choose I’d preferably like to work with fashion businesses in some way…

We’ve heard you recently had some university application success, can you tell us more?

Applying for university wasn’t an easy process but after putting in the time and receiving some help from my tutor, I received four University offers! I’ve accepted a place on an Illustration and Visual Media course at the University of Arts London. I found it difficult to choose between all of the universities that offered me a place as they all offered something unique but I’m confident that the course I’ve chosen will offer me the broadest and most enriching experience. I’m super excited to move to up to London! It’s a big thing and a little scary to move away from home but there will be so many opportunities out there and I can’t wait to explore as many as I can.

If I had to offer some advice to other students looking at applying for university, I’d say visit as many as you can! There are lots of forums and reviews on every university but often a lot of them are outdated and far from the truth. Go along and make up your own mind! Also, if you need help with your applications, ask for it!

Who inspires and influences you to be creative?

Honestly, my Media Production tutor Jarlath is the best teacher I’ve ever had. He’s interesting to talk to and the conversations I have with him and as a class are quite cool. He’s friendly, chatty, approachable and the appraisal I receive from him inspires me to want to create new media content. He talks to all his students on a level that makes us feel like we’re already film makers.

As I mentioned earlier, Jarlath also helped me to open my mind and so now I see inspiration and creativity everywhere I go. I’m not a performer but if I see a performer on the street, I feel creative. I see posters on the train and I’m constantly analysing. Everything I see could feed into one of my projects.

Tell us more about your short film ‘A Blossom Ablaze’.

If I had to describe A Blossom Ablaze in one sentence, I’d say it’s a neon journey into the uncomfortable feelings of love. When we’re planning our films, we need to have a vision of where it will be displayed when finished. I didn’t want mine to be the kind of film you’d see in a cinema, I envisioned it to be displayed in an exhibition.

The words used in my film are taken from a variety of poems and lyrics used in music tracks. I took down the lines that stood out to me and then pieced them together to make the dialogue for my film – I want the audience to create their own messages and narrative. I also watched something like 30 short films on Vimeo, analysing the shots that all these different film makers used to help influence my art direction.

A Blossom Ablaze was inspired by a music video called ‘Limbo’ by ‘Miles from Kinshasa’. The story I derived from ‘Limbo’ was that a guy is haunted by someone that he loves and he’s trying to balance or manage his life (hence the word limbo) whilst experiencing this.

Have you got any film / media related projects you’re working on at the moment?

I’m working on a music video as part of my new college project. I’ve already been out and practiced some shots which has helped me plan for the upcoming final shoot. In my spare time I also like to practice my drawing and illustration which is important for my new university course. It’s safe to say I work on my photography skills too but not on purpose, I just like capturing things in the moment.

I also have friends come to me for art commissions so that’s great practice for me, particularly working to a client brief and communicating with them in person, over the phone and on email.

Can you give some advice to other aspiring young film makers? 

Take every opportunity that is presented to you and then go out and get yourself some more. Talk to people and create opportunities yourself, don’t just wait for them to come to you. Get involved in everything, even the things you don’t really want to do.

Plan and practise regularly.

Use everything you see as inspiration. Even when you don’t think two things you’ve seen wouldn’t really work together, you can find ways to make them complement.

We wanted to congratulate Jordan on her University offers and on her success for producing such a thought provoking short film! To see more of Jordan’s Media and Film work, visit her website here

If you’re inspired by film and moving image and want to learn how to plan and produce your own films, join our Media Production course

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