Dv8 is providing additional booster sessions and 1:1 sessions for all English and mathematics students that have had their studies affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

These sessions are for no more than four students at any one time and are being delivered by all our English and mathematics teaching team up until the end of the academic year.

Students are invited to the sessions that are most appropriate to their individual needs. This is based on their progress to date and the individual areas for improvement that have been identified through summative and formative assessment. These sessions are in addition to Dv8 providing on-going drop-in support sessions.

Dv8 is also committed to providing English and mathematics students with access to an online study programme that will provide 24/7 support outside their timetabled sessions/

For further details on the 16 to 19 Tuition Fund, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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