Dear Parent/Carers,

It has certainly been an interesting and challenging week for everyone. As we come to the weekend, I wanted to give you an update on the study programme at Dv8 for the next few weeks.

1. From Monday January 11th, we will be back to a full teaching timetable for all students. Lessons will be delivered online.

2. Tutors and LSA have been in touch this week to confirm the details of how these sessions will work. If you or your young person have any queries or concerns in regard to the arrangements from next week onwards please use the following contacts:
Games/Media/Music lessons – Kieran Faulkner-Mahon (
English & Maths lessons – Dave Pine (

With regard to PSD, due to the challenges of setting up online learning in the vocational areas at such short notice, it has been decided to delay the start of the new Personal and Social Development programme, ‘Essentials’ until we are confident that all students have been contacted, are safe, equipped and understand what they need to do to meet the requirements of their new online learning programme.

3. Following the announcements this week regarding examinations and assessments for this year, it is absolutely essential that all students attend all their timetabled sessions and complete all the work that is being set. This will allow us to show their progress and support preparation for future assessments. We are asking that students plan to log on 10 minutes prior to their sessions, so that we can start the lessons on time.

4. We continue to be very mindful of everyone’s mental health and well being. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing resources and offering support for everyone. As a reminder, if you or your young person requires additional support or information then please do not hesitate to contact us:
Bexhill students – Rachel Kamara (
Brighton students – James Tooley (
Designated Safeguarding Lead – Nicola Lomardo (

We will, of course, stay in regular contact.

Best wishes and stay safe

Jim Sharpe

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