Hi to all our parents, carers and students,

We are looking forward to welcoming some of our staff and students back onsite soon, however, we understand that returning to college can bring with it lots of feelings of worry and anxiety. We are keen to ensure that all our students and their parents/ carers have enough information about the return to onsite delivery that will help alleviate some of these concerns.

Below you will find the pathway we are following which outlines the phased return.

Above all else our student and staffs’ health and safety is our priority which is why we have designed this phased return. For some students, not returning straight away, this may come as a disappointment. We are very keen to welcome as many students back to onsite delivery as possible, but due to the small size of our classrooms and until we are able to access home testing kits (currently stipulated as the end of March in the guidance) we must act cautiously.

Alongside the information here we are also working on publishing our completed risk assessment, updated safety measures and an FAQ this week to provide further details about our reopening.

If you have any particular queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact:


Please find below some frequently asked questions.

  • Why are Level 3 vocational sessions not returning at the same time as level 2 sessions?

We have risk assessed our buildings and found that in order to maintain a safe social distance between staff and students we must limit the number of people on site. Additionally we are waiting on further information about accessing home testing kits, which has been stated as the end of March in the guidance. Our preferred option would, of course, be to have all student back in the centres, however the health and safety of our community is our top priority.

We will be reviewing all provision in the first week of the Easter break, in line with Government update, guidance and risk assessments.

  • What additional safety measures will be in place for staff and students when we return?

All of the safety measures we had in place prior to the lockdown will still be in practice when staff and students return. This includes;

    • Wearing masks in communal areas
    • Maintaining a safe distance where possible, if this is not possible wear a mask
    • No congregating in communal areas
    • Remembering to regualarly wash hands, particularly when entering or leaving a building or classroom
    • Following the one way system where applicable
    • Following all guidance on what to do if you have symptoms and need to isolate

We will also be following new guidance around the wearing of masks in all classrooms (unless you are exempt – you must wear an exemption pass if this is the case). This will be reviewed at Easter alongside any updates to Government guidance.

  • When will testing be available?

We have been advised by the Government that we will be in scope for home testing kits by the end of March. When we have further information on this we will inform all students, parents/ carers and staff.

In the interim you are able to access rapid lateral flow tests from this site. Please ensure you follow all instructions and guidance on the provided on the site.

  • I’m currently shielding, do I still have a come into college?

Students who are considered to be clinically extremely vulnerable are advised not to attend provision until the 31st March.

If you live with someone who is considered to be clinically extremely vulnerable, but you yourself is not, you must continue to attend college if you are in the phased groups scheduled to return.

Additionally, if you have received your vaccine please let the centre coordinators (Kerri and Shani) know as soon as possible.

  • What will my lessons look like?

Level 2 vocational sessions – As with prior to lockdown you will have a blended provision of onsite and online delivery (please see your timetable for more detail). Depending on the classroom and site your class may be spread over two classrooms to ensure social distancing.

Level 2 & 3 English and Maths – You will be onsite for all English and Maths sessions. Depending on the classroom and site your class may be spread over two classrooms to ensure social distancing.

Level 3 vocational sessions – You will continue to attend all vocational sessions online.

Level 2 & 3 PSD and tutorials – Where possible these will be delivered online. Please see your timetable for further detail.

Timetable PDFs are available to download above. If you are still not sure please get in touch with your tutor.

  • I am anxious about returning to college what should I do?

We understand that this has been a very stressful and turbulent time for all of our community. We are fully committed to supporting you as much as possible, whether you are returning to onsite or remaining as remote. If you are experiencing anxiety or stress and would like further support or just someone to talk to please contact one of the student support coordinators on the details below.

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