At Dv8 Sussex we offer a Level 2 Fashion & Design course at both our Brighton and Bexhill campuses. Our course allows you to build on your experience and enthusiasm for Fashion & Design by learning the skills to put your ideas into practice. You get to work in a small, personalised group setting with real-life industry briefs and work experience opportunities. What really makes our course so special is our wonderful Fashion & Design tutors Sharon and Lou.

“I really valued access to the studio space that the Dv8 Fashion course gave me. I could come in and work on my ideas in a really productive environment and with expect advice to guide me” –┬áIsaac, Fashion & Design Graduate

Sharon, Fashion & Design Tutor at Dv8 Brighton

Please introduce yourself and the course you teach on

Hi, my name’s Sharon and I teach Fashion & Design Level 2 at Brighton.

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into the Fashion industry

I studied at Brighton University and finished back in 1993 where I completed a four year sandwich course in Fashion & Textiles where one of the years was a year out working in the Fashion industry. Once I finished I got a job on the following Monday and went on to be a designer for 16 years. I then decided to teach and have been doing so for the past 8 years at Dv8 Sussex. I also have a tattoo studio which I run on the side of my teaching hours.

What do you love about Fashion & Design?

What I love about Fashion is that it’s changing all of the time and it allows you to constantly reinvent yourself. It also reflects what’s going on in society and the world around you.

What will students learn on the Fashion & Design course?

On the Fashion and Design course you’ll learn all of the skills you need to make a collection. You’ll do pattern cutting, designing, research and work with lots of different materials. During the first term you’ll complete a Trashion project where you will experiment with items that are usually thrown away but instead turn them into something really beautiful. The Second project will be making corsets. We’ll go on to sell these online using Etsy during the Christmas period. The third project will be on your self which will be more of a textile project. You’ll be working towards creating a piece to be sold in May at the Brighton Art Open House. You’ll be doing an exciting industry project. This might either be with Irregular Choice, a shoe brand based in Brighton, or Jury’s Inn – last year we made uniform’s for their hotel teams. The final project will be making garments (you can make as much as you like) and then you’ll put on a Fashion show at the end to showcase everything you’ve been working on.
Trashion Project

Who or what inspires your passion for Fashion?

Over the years I’ve been inspired by many different people, particularly some designers and artists from the 70s. Ossie Clarke is one of my favourites because there’s just something about his clothes that are just amazing. They are based on 1930s designs, yet had an amazing, elegant 70s style to them. Think Bianca Jagger.

What advice or tips can you offer young people that want to get into the Fashion industry?

Keep at it! Do whatever you can; make loads, network loads, get fashion related qualifications as there will be roads along the way into the industry. Set up a small business! You might start by making and printing t-shirts. I did that at 16 and sold those. It’s a really good start for making your way into the industry. You gain confidence, a good understanding of entrepreneurship and you sell your very own items.

Lou, Fashion & Design Tutor at Dv8 Bexhill

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