End of Year Showcase Awards

That’s a wrap! Another truly wonderful year full of passion and creative energy is coming to an end. To celebrate in style, we held our annual End of Year Showcase at Brighton Youth Centre (BYC) on Wednesday 28th June. The showcase is an opportunity for all of our students to get together and share their hard work and achievements with peers, friends and family.

Upon arrival the audience were met with an eclectic mix of tracks produced by our very own Music Production students. Over the last few months they’ve all been working hard to release an album titled The Odd Socks Collective, apt given the diverse tracklist produced. The live show then kicked off with a rocking cover of The Chainsmokers smash hit Closer, by our Music Intermediate students.

Next up we had the Fashion show! Our fashionistas have had a brilliant year with non-stop making action. It was only fitting that they showed off some of their designs with a mannequin display and student catwalk. Fashion Tutor Sharon introduced each model and the design they wore as they made their way down the stairs, strutting their stuff to centre stage ready for a pose, photo, and strut back. There was a real sense of achievement and joy about the show, cheering, clapping and smiles throughout.

To conclude Fashion’s show, Leanne from Jury’s Inn took centre stage to announce the winner of the students’ most recent project. If you weren’t already aware, our students were tasked with designing new concepts for the uniforms of various Jury’s Inn Hotel team members. Having produced such amazing concepts, Leanne had to split the prize into three winners. Molly and Pru took a thoroughly well deserved joint second place, receiving certificates and £25 high street vouchers each. Then the drum roll came… First place went to Becki, her stunning and inspiring concepts wowed the judges and was rewarded with a certificate and £100 voucher! Such beautiful work from the Fashion students, congratulations!

  • Brighton End of Year Showcase at BYC
    At the End of Year Showcase this year, Fashion students showed off some of their designs by producing and taking part in cat walk.

To maintain the high level of energy, Music, Media and Digital students Elliot (Drums), Jacob (Guitar) and Sarah (Keyboard) took to the stage next to deliver a high octane performance. This was followed by a dynamic showreel of Media work projected for all to see. We were exposed to a comedic take on Come Dine With Me and some heartfelt videos of students reminiscing the good times they’ve had with their peers this year. To celebrate the year and some unforgettable moments, tutor’s Joe and Adam (also known as the comedy duo) awarded some “well deserved” certificates to each of their students. To name just a few, Jacob won the “Can I go home the most” award, Annika won the “Least amount of time spent in the studio” award, and Sarah was awarded with the title of the “Biggest and best diva”. A round of applause for all our winners please!

After a short interval, students and guests returned to their seats to watch a showreel of short films produced by the Media Intermediate and Advanced students. Now, we don’t want to give too many plot twists and spoilers away so we’ll keep this brief and upload their videos to our YouTube page in the very near future! We saw several “lads” dressed head to toe in Lycra fighting for the defence of the world (at least we think that’s what they were fighting over). We saw moving and hard hitting shots of a student’s snow swept trip to Auschwitz, a thought provoking film about the day to day life of someone dealing with paranoia, and more wacky and action-packed scenes.

The final student presentation was an explosive showreel produced by Live Events student Adam, featuring highlights of all of the events the students have planned and produced since their start in September. From AloHo-ho, a Hawaiian themed Christmas party, and It’s not a Dab, an expressive photography exhibition, to the Yellow Brick Stage which was the first Alternative Escape stage to be run by young people. The Events team have delivered some stellar shows this year and we can’t wait to see what 2017/18 has in store for the budding event managers!

  • Brighton End of Year Showcase at BYC

The grand finale the annual Dv8 Breakthrough Award from our centre team, Hannah and Hannah. ​The award was created in 2015/16 in memory of Fern Ritchie, a talented Dv8 student with a bright future who very sadly passed away. The award is designed to celebrate and take note of those students who we feel share the same passion and commitment to the creative industries, as Fern did. Staff and tutors voted for many students they felt deserved the award but there could only be one winner. This year, Yann from Music, Media & Digital very deservedly took the title.

“He is one of the most hardworking students in Dv8 who always applies himself to his work. He has done so well this year that he is progressing from Level 1 straight to Level 3”

“For always being hardworking, for having great attendance and a fantastic can-do attitude and growing in confidence as the year has gone.”

Just when you thought it was all over, Music Advanced student Korben dimmed the lights, took to the decks and turned the volume up. It was the moment most of our students (and some of the staff) had all been waiting for. It was time for the post-celebration event skank! Korben span some exclusive tunes and some well known classics from the likes of Sub Focus. What a way to see the end of the year out. Word.

This year Bexhill students decided to celebrate the end of the year with some classic board games, a good ol’ sing song, a look back on the good memories they’ve had, and what exciting things are to come in the future. The staff at Bexhill had also been voting for their Dv8 Breakthrough Award and this year Music Intermediate student Joanna was voted a worthy winner.

Dv8 Bexhill Breakthrough Award 2017

We caught up with Joanna after she was presented with the award and she had this to say…

I feel very happy and proud to be awarded the Dv8 Breakthrough Award. Dv8 is like a family to me and they’ve helped me to overcome challenges I’ve had in my life. I’ve learnt to talk about my problems and even express how I feel through creating music. Work as hard as you can and you can fulfil your dreams. Next year at Dv8 I want to build on the skills and knowledge I already know, have a go at learning some other software such as Ableton, and experiment with my music and ways I can perform it. I’d also like to create a professional social media profile for my music so that it’s all in one place. Thank you for the award!

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our students at Dv8 for their commitment and creative energy over the last year. There have been so many smiles, so much passion, hard work, and so many memories. Also, thank you to everyone that took part in the End of Year Showcase and came along to celebrate the success of  all our students. You’ve made the staff very proud and it’s been a truly special year! 

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