Rob Luis, Tru Thouhts - Guest Visit

Holly – Fashion
“Having been to two other colleges I would say that DV8 has definitely got the students best interests at heart. Not only are their courses designed for people who are more creative than academic, but they are also free.”

Jarrod – Music Production
“The way the Dv8 courses operate, they’re so personal and fine-tuned to the individual students. With Dv8 the teachers help you one-to-one in music production as well as helping you further yourself as a professional.”

Nicola – Fashion
“I love Dv8 because the sense of family within the college, everyone comes together where possible. Doing the fashion course has helped me progress and receive an unconditional offer from Northbrook College.”

Toms – Media Upload
“The thing I love about Dv8 is that is a small and friendly college, which makes it much more personal; you get a lot more individual support.”

Tuggy Fresh
“Dv8 helped me to get where I am today by boosting my confidence both musically and in general; they helped me massively through the intensive courses that they provide.”

Casey – Music Production
“The best course I’ve done so far, highly recommended! Debating level 3!”

Mollie – Performance Upload
“It was worth it”

Janis – Performance Upload
“If I could I would study there for rest of my life.”

Harry – Music Production
“Learning at DV8 was a great experience, I met some amazing people and I feel I have Learnt a lot, my time at DV8 has really made me progress as a musical artist and DV8 gave me the resources and guidance I needed to do so.”

Sandy – Music Production
“Dv8 has built my confidence up so much, I’ve gone from sitting in a corner to doing solo parts on stage”

Jack Fletcher – Music Production
“My time at DV8 I can’t lie I am almost honoured to have spent 2 years there, they eventually got me out of my shell and supported me in everything I’ve done, made me the man I am today”