Dv8 is committed to ensuring that we can provide support to you and to keep as much of our provision available to you over the coming weeks. 

Please find our latese letter to students, parents and carers here.

As of Monday 23rd March, until the Easter break (Friday 3rd April), learners will be expected to “attend” lessons via online forums and work with their tutors as instructed.   

The following measures will be in place to keep curriculum delivery in place as we are committed to ensuring learners achieve their stated outcomes for 19/20. 

  • Teaching and learning will go ahead using online forums to communicate and deliver lessons (google Hangouts). 
  • Students will use the existing Google Classroom for their subject to see all assignments and set pieces of work. They can also communicate directly with tutors via this remote classroom, submit work and receive feedback and are familiar with doing this ordinarily.
  • Tutors will be liaising with all learners to work out their specific needs and set targets for work completion. 
  • Maths and English sessions will continue, despite the changes to exams, and we will endeavour to keep you all updated as more information is received from the Government and the awarding bodies.
  • Online delivery and resources will be available – including regular online face to face contact. 
  • Learning support staff will be incorporated into these arrangements based on individual needs to ensure EHCP learners remain supported.
  • Personal and social education session will also be timetabled in to offer additional learning around topics of importance such as mental health and wellbeing as well as sessions on careers and preparing for employment
  • Careers guidance interviews will also take place, and these will be individual online appointment slots that will be coordinated by the Dv8 Careers Adviser. For further information and guidance about virtual Careers Interviews please click here

What students need to do (Vocational course).

Students should check their Google Classroom to find their timetable for their vocational course. They must plan to attend these virtual sessions and complete tasks assigned. 

If you wish to contact the Lead staff member for your subject area the emails are as follows:

Dv8 Bexhill:

Rich Cross (Music, Art/Fashion, MMD) richard.cross@dv8sussex.com

Paul Oliver (Games) paul.oliver@dv8sussex.com

Kieran Faulkner-Mahon (Media) kieran.faulkner-mahon@dv8sussex.com

Dv8 Brighton:

Aaron Seigel (Music, Events) aaron.seigel@dv8sussex.com

Paul Oliver (Games) paul.oliver@dv8sussex.com

Kieran Faulkner-Mahon (Media, FCL) kieran.faulkner-mahon@dv8sussex.com


What students need to do (English and maths).

if you have an English or Maths lesson scheduled on your regular timetable, your tutor will be available online at those times. They will be in contact with you via email or Google Hangouts. Please be aware that tutors will be marking in your attendance on every session. If, for whatever reason, you feel like you need to contact your tutor, don’t hesitate to email them. Please see email addresses below: 

Dv8 Brighton:

English GCSE – laura.mullen@dv8sussex.com

English FS – iain.fuller@dv8sussex.com

Maths FS – geraldine.hutt@dv8sussex.com

Maths GCSE – phil.lambert@dv8sussex.com

Dv8 Bexhill:

English GCSE and FS – phil.jones@dv8sussex.com

Maths GCSE and FS – robert.boucnik@dv8sussex.com

Covid-19 Education Safeguarding Information and Guidance: Talking to Children.
Here are some resources produced by ‘NHS Partnerships’ and family support group ‘Safety Net’ to help you communicate the right message to children in managing any anxiety or worries they might have;

Also, click this link for ‘Useful Links & Resources for Mental Health & Wellbeing” specifically focused around Covid-19.

Emotional Support – We’re here for you.

If you need pastoral or emotional support in these strange times, you can speak to Rachael from DV8  student services anytime via google hangouts.  Just add her into your contacts. rachael.kamara@dv8sussex.com  and you can email her and set up a time to chat. 

Rachael can support you with any worries you may have about your studies and talk to you about how to manage your wellbeing during this difficult time. Remember there is nothing so small or so awful that you can’t talk to someone about it.  Dv8 are here for you.


Support for Careers Guidance and Next Steps

If your young person needs support with their future plans or next steps after Dv8 there is still help available to them despite the college closure:

  • From 15th April Dv8’s Careers Adviser will be available for remote Careers Guidance interviews via Google Hangouts. If you would like to book an appointment in advance please email Nicola.lombardo@dv8sussex.com. Nicola will also be contacting students directly to check on their career plans, next steps and to book them in for a Careers Interview.  
  • Alternatively there is a local programme in Brighton called Get Career Confident who are also making free Careers Guidance appointments available via video conferencing or on-line webchat. All are encouraged to access the support but if demand for guidance is high, priority will be given to learners who fall into the pre-identified ‘UniConnect’ cohort. Appointments are also available for students and their parents/carers. Parents and carers are of vital importance in the lives of young people and Get Career Confident can help provide all the information and advice needed to help answer any questions or concerns you might have about your child’s education and future options.

You can access this support in two ways:

a) Parent/carers sign up for a video guidance appointment here.

b) Parents/carers or students visit www.getcareerconfident.co.uk and chat immediately with an advisor (see the bottom right of the page).

Further help and resources can be found at www.getcareerconfident.co.uk and parents can sign up here for their newsletter and follow them on Facebook – @Get-Career-Confident to stay informed. Young people can follow them on Instagram @GetCConfident.

  • The National Careers Service also offers Careers advice and information to young people via telephone or web chat. You can contact them here:

Further resources and useful websites to support career decision making can be found on our website here www.dv8sussex.com/career-education-information-advice-and-guidance/

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us on the following numbers: Bexhill 07759 254056, Brighton 07384321153.

We will continue to keep you updated as this ongoing situation develops, and we are following government, local authority and exam board instructions and guidance as we receive it. We wish you and your families well during this difficult time.