Tom Hines Audio Active Workshop

Dv8 Sussex’s Employability Week ran from Monday 20th March to Friday 24th March. A chance for our students to access invaluable work placements plus workshops, trips. Plus to finish off the week in style we held our annual Creative Careers Day at Komedia Brighton, featuring all manner of exciting industry professionals. Read on below for a taste of the magic that unfolded…

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Rob Luis, Tru Thouhts - Guest Visit

On Friday 27th January, we warmly welcomed Founder, A&R and co-owner of Brighton-based independent record label Tru Thoughts, Robert Luis. Rob joined our Music Production, Live Events and Media Production students to give a thorough and personal account of his inspirational journey into the music industry, and what our students can do to make it there too. 

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Fashion & Design student Thomas was asked in his English lesson to produce a piece of creative writing using persuasive techniques. He sure put those techniques to good use, just have a read of this fantastic  piece about his experience studying at Dv8!

Thomas Fashion and Design Student

Fashion & Design student Thomas, with his latest corset design.

 “Young people should join Dv8 because of its energetic, passionate and distinguished vibe. Everybody that comes here is guaranteed to have an amazing time.  People that come here leave with qualifications, friends and a step closer to their dreams. What more could someone want out of a college?

At Dv8 there are many things that go on, with students always active and learning something new to add to their list of skills.  The staff are brilliant at what they do, helping their students to do well for the future and helping them.  Dv8 has a very homely feel to it with a lounge where students can go and take a break from the stress of everyday life, make a coffee, and just relax.

There are no pressures here, every student is looked after with the highest standards, with teachers making sure that every student is progressing at their own speed. The overall atmosphere at Dv8 really helps them to focus and learn in a calm and friendly environment. All students at Dv8 are outgoing and communicate well with other students and teachers, which makes the overall atmosphere great. Coming to Dv8 would definitely benefit young people, now and in the future.

One of my favourite moments at Dv8 was when I spent four weeks crafting my Trashion (fashion made of trash) piece, and then we put them on display and watched as people observed our amazing work.

Can you really afford not to come here?”

 Each year our Live Events & Promotion Intermediate (Level 2) students are given a brief to create a Christmas party for Dv8 students, staff, friends and family. It’s not enough for this to be just a Christmas party, it needs to have an original theme, a great line-up of acts, a variety of fun activities, plus it needs to take place at a venue outside of college. For many of the Live Events students this was their first experience of organising an event and boy did they do themselves proud. This is the story of Aloho-ho – the Hawaiian vibes Christmas party…

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  • Dv8 Bexhill Christmas Showcase 2016

There’s only one way to end the year at Dv8, and that’s with a celebratory showcase extravaganza! The Live Events team put together an engaging evening of live entertainment, showreels and smiles. We had electrifying guitar solos, captivating and beautiful acoustic sets, dynamic media films, exhibitions of deep and thoughtful photography work and 3D artist profiles, and a booming house set to get you bouncing out of your seat!

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The sheer amount of wonderful and imaginative work being produced in the classrooms is somewhat overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this blog, ‘A day in the life of a Dv8 student’ to give you just a small glimpse of the magic our students are surrounded by and a part of each day. We want every student to have a dynamic, varied and exciting experience every single day! 


Media Production

To help the students understand how shutter speeds effect the outcome of  images (and because it’s just fun to play around with), the Media crew are using long exposures (30 seconds), laser pointers and torches to “paint with light” to create these images.

The Bexhill group carried out a location recce by exploring The Hive. Know your hazards from your risks! Some exciting film projects on the horizon… watch this space!


Fashion & Design

The Fashion team are learning to pattern cut a corset on mannequins using the ‘moulage’ technique. This is where the fabric is draped on the mannequin, taped with masking tape, and pinned to create the parts of a garment. This is then laid flat on paper, markings for details and darts are added, as well as a seam allowance of a centimetre. The students can make their garment out of any fabric of their choice. There are some amazingly intricate designs, progress is fast, and we can’t wait for more!



Live Events & Promotion

The Live Events students continue to scope out the endless possibilities of the Brighton events scene. There’s a venue for everyone and everything! Venue recces included Coalition, Latest Music Bar, and Patterns!


The budding Bexhill events team have also been busy with their own venue recces and market research visiting the likes of De La Warr Pavilion and Music’s Not Dead. The purpose of these trips was to think creatively about how different spaces suit specific contexts and types of events.

Brighton evens team are planning a Hawaiian Christmas themed party with live music, DJs, spoken word, food, drink, and all manner of Christmas joy! Whereas this year the Bexhill Live Event’s teams are in the middle of planning an electrifying End of Year Christmas showcase not to be forgetten! Both Brighton and Bexhill students are taking into account programming and producing, health and safety, marketing, press, and budget management.


Introduction to Music, Media & Digital

The Music, Media & Digital students get up to a multitude of dynamic tasks throughout the day. The Bexhill students spent a session getting to grips with a ton of analogue music equipment, and  the new Brighton students took their first steps to becoming seasoned photographers, experimenting with camera angles and lenses.


Below is a short video created by Bexhill student Charlotte as part of her Introduction to Music, Media & Digital course. She was working to a brief where she had to include a specific number of shots and use a variety of camera angles and techniques (zoom, panning, tilt, close-up, long-shots etc). She even wrote the track that accompanies the film too – amazing work!

Music Production

Collaboration project in the making! The Music and Media students have been organising a photoshoot for the music team’s upcoming album release ‘Bounce and Burn‘ (more on this soon!). The group is called ‘Odd Socks Collective’ as there will be an eclectic mix of genres featured on the album. Two classes working together wasn’t enough, so the Fashion team are also hard at work designing the socks for the music student’s shoot which will also feature on the album cover along with a group shot of the music artists.

Over in Bexhill the music team have been designing their own synth patch‘s to accompany their House compositions. They’re also heavily into practising for the upcoming Bexhill Christmas show. Tracks being rehearsed include Sam Smith’s Stay With Me and Snow Fairy Full.


Maths Lessons

Tutors and students have been having tasty sessions with cake (because cake makes everything better!) Students have been working out how to construct pie charts, or in our case cake charts. They’ve also been working with tangrams to encourage logical reasoning and utilise problem solving skills to improve resilience and the ability to look at problems from a different angle.

Problem to solve: I have to cut my cake into six pieces, what size angle will each piece be? If they can construct the pie (cake) chart correctly and cut out one piece accurately the tutor will exchange it for real cake!



Lunch Time Games Club

Bexhill students and tutors have even introduced a lunch time games club to keep their brains stimulated! Chess, Backgammon, Battleship, Uno, Boggle, Sudoku… Who said you have to be glued to a screen constantly to have fun? Bringing back some classic pastimes for sure.


If you want to be a part of something this special and exciting, why not apply to join us in next September? Apply here

Quick links: Introduction to Music, Media & Digital | Music Production | Media Production | Fashion & Design | Live Events & Promotion | Paid Internship Programme 

What an absolute pleasure the first term at Dv8 Sussex has been! There’s been a continuous buzz of non-stop, action packed creativity and there was no better way to share everyone’s hard work and achievements than to host an end of term showcase (planned by our very own Live Events students) to celebrate. This year FRESH was hosted at surroundings of the quirky and retro Rialto Theatre in Brighton. We bussed the Bexhill students over and held an afternoon of showreels, exhibitions and live performances.

The Fashion students exhibited their innovative and experimental Trashion dresses and accessories (made from rubbish and recyclables collected around Brighton) in the theatre’s picturesque lobby. Rubbish never looked so good! See all of their designs in our Trashion blog here.

Our Live Events Intermediate students spent the first four weeks working with unlimited finances, locations and all the artists you could ever dream of, alive and dead, as they planned their fantasy festivals. Culminating in a wonderful and varied selection of posters and mood boards on display at the event it was brilliant to have an insight into what these young promoters may achieve in the future.

We had an eclectic array of music performances across the Intermediate and Advanced students. Bexhill bought double whammies of electric guitar pieces, and even more noise from Bexhill’s very own ‘Grunge n Roses’ (we’re surprised the roof remained intact!). Sometimes all you need is a piano and an incredible voice as Georgia proved silencing the room with her version of Summertime. Brighton’s Music Advanced crew cut an imposing sight on stage, you can’t beat wearing sunglasses indoors to really capture the serious musician vibe, before launching into a funky time signature shifting synth hip hop epic… #psychedelic. Final music performances were complete with visuals of the band courtesy of your Introduction to Music, Media and Digital groups. More solo singers alongside a vast array of funny, moving and exciting films, it was brilliant to see Rialto turned into a true multi-media experience. Sampled beats, visuals, guitar solos and heartfelt vocals, all put together in just four weeks!

The Media Production students from Brighton and Bexhill showcased a selection of short films / trailers. See below a mashup of their creativity!

None of this would have been possible without the amazing organisational prowess of our Live Events Advanced students who spent the first four weeks of term planning this all down to a tee. Front of house, back of house, marketing, promotion, technical and production management, they did it all with maturity and flair. We can’t wait to see some of the other projects they have up their sleeves come to fruition later in the year.

If you want to be a part of something this special and exciting, why not apply to join us in next September? Apply here

Quick links: Introduction to Music, Media & Digital | Music Production | Media Production | Fashion & Design | Live Events & Promotion | Paid Internship Programme 


(Photographs taken by Brighton Intermediate Media Production students Oscar, Kay and Chris.)

Each year the Fashion & Design students begin their first term at Dv8 Sussex with a creative Trashion project, this year called ‘What a load of junk’. The purpose of this project is to make garments/dresses out of recycled items that are usually thrown away, which our young designers source themselves from the local community. The Fashion students showcased their designs in our recent end of term event FRESH, and also collaborated with Media Production students so that they could take away professional photographs of their pieces to add to their creative and professional portfolios (some of which are shown in the slideshow above).

The gallery above highlights the dresses, garments and accessories our budding Fashion & Design students made.  We are blown away by their imagination and technical skills. It takes a a truly passionate individual to visualise and upscale to a high standard what essentially is rubbish!

Below you can read about the Fashion & Design students inspiration, the techniques they’ve learnt and used to piece together their incredible Trashion designs, and their thoughts on the course at Dv8 so far.

“The outfit I made for the Trashion Project consisted of a variety of rubbish and re-purposed materials including bin bag liners, envelopes, magazine cuttings, ring pulls, and a collection of found beads. For the top of my outfit I was inspired by the Balmain Spring 2016 fashion show where a lot of the tops were wrap around and halter neck. I created my wrap-around top with a twist and added plaits with wire and beads and ring pull detailing. The bold geometric designs of Christopher Kane inspired my skirt, layering up the rectangle envelopes I found and magazine cuttings to make an A-line design. I used a range of bright colours that drew attention to the skirt and then by doing a small pattern of rectangles on the top too the whole outfit was drawn together.

Some techniques I used to make this outfit include, sewing the collar of the top together with small bits of plastic bags to get it to sit and fold in the right way, making a clasp at the back of the top using a ring pull on one side and a roll of plastic on the other so that the top can be put on and removed with ease. My skirt also involved a zip and to get the shape I wanted I had to make darts in it.

Our first project on the DV8 Fashion course, Trashion, has been a challenge but has allowed me to think out of the box when designing and has encouraged me to experiment with a variety of materials. I am looking forward to the next project and learning new techniques when designing.” – Prudence

“My Trashion products were based around beers and ciders (mainly Budweiser). For the dress I used bubble wrap, red plastic carrier bags, red and white electrical tape, bottle caps and ‘FRAGILE’ tape. I first made a bubble wrap bodysuit with a big ’Budweiser’ logo over the breast area to work slightly as a bandeau. I then made a skirt out of red plastic carrier bags, I made one side all ruched up and creased in a way, the other side I embellished with bottle cap tassels. I wrapped ‘FRAGILE’ tape around the waistline to work as a belt. The back is easily open and done back up using white bows.

The bag was made with cardboard, bubble wrap, red plastic carrier bags, Budweiser logos, bottle caps, a zip and a display stand for dental floss in a shop. I first attached the box shape made out of cardboard to the dental floss display stand to get the shape. I then had to attach the zip to the red bags. I then covered the bag with red plastic carrier bags, and put bubble wrap with the Budweiser logo on the side panels. I then had to make the bottle cap strap and attach it to the bag with a glue gun.

To make the shoes I had to use cardboard, bubble wrap, Budweiser logo, zips, bottle caps, red plastic carrier bags, electrical tape and fluffy fabric. Firstly, I made the soles and platforms out of cardboard. Then made the bottle cap heels by sticking them together with a glue gun. I then put the red plastic bags and bubble wrap together with the zips. Then attached them to the soles, followed by gluing the fluffy fabric inside to the sole. Lastly I glued the bottle caps heels.

I’m really enjoying Dv8 Sussex so far, we’ve always got something to be doing. It’s not just sitting in a classroom, it’s going around town gathering supplies and making and creating and that’s exactly what I need.” – Evie

“My outfit is mostly made of plastic with decorations made of foil, plastic, box straps, bath bomb packaging, wire coat-hangers, a piece of bag material, a pie dish and pictures I cut out from some Christmas wrapping paper.

My inspirations for this outfit are fairies for the dress and wings but the apron is inspired by spooky box zombabe. More specifically it is based on the bone apron.” – Louise

“The materials that I have used for my Fashion piece, are as follows; Black bags, wallpaper, plastic bags, cardboard, bubble wrap and a small broach.

The techniques I used were using darbs, sewing and stapling stocking, and drawing to design my outfit/fashion piece. I got my inspiration from Roman battle armour and princess dresses.

I am finding the course fun, exciting, inspiring and helpful.”- Vanessa

“The materials I used for my dress include a metallic reusable bag from “Irregular choice” and a wired lampshade. I made panniers out of the lamp shade using wire cutters to cut it in half. This was inspired by 18th century historical costume. I created the bodice using darts to fit the body made out of the “irregular choice” bag. I added a zip onto the back of the dress as well as a choker embellished with old jewellery and made it connect to the dress using part of the metallic bag. I also edged and layered the dress to give it more of the 18th century effect.

I am enjoying my time at Dv8 as we get to go out to collect resources whenever we need and are

able to express ourselves whenever we create something.” – Shannon

“To create my dress I used trash that I collected from various stores around town. The base of my dress is made from blue bin bags which I cut and put together using glue, zip and darts to ensure that it fit the manikin well and to give it shape. To create straps for the top half I plaited plastic bags and added a black fringe. To give the dress some extra detailing and to continue following my theme of triangles I cut out 2 triangles on the sides of the dress replaced it with transparent wrapping plastic. I then proceeded to cut triangles out of envelopes, crisp packet’s and magazines and layered them down the front of the dress. To finish the dress I found some wire and made triangles and circles to stick over the top of the paper triangles making the dress more 3D. Finally, I added black fringing along the bottom of the dress.

My dress was inspired by one of Verdad Officals dressed from their SS17 collection. The course at Dv8 is going well. I’m enjoying spending time with creative people and being able to but my creative ideas into practice.” – Molly

If you’d like to apply to study our Fashion & Design course next year, you can find our short application form here.

Bexhill Live Events students kicked off the start of term with a tour of De La Warr Pavilion to find out about all the varied events they put on including Music, Comedy, Exhibitions, Talks & Tours, Family Events and Film / Live Broadcasts. It gave the students real insight into the workings of a local venue and highlighted the vast breadth of events that can take place under one roof.

Following on from the tour the students hit the streets to seek out where the events at De La Warr may be promoted within the town, discussing why their brochure might be at certain places and not others which really gave them food for thought as well as a chance to bond as a team and get a feel for Bexhill itself.

Our Live Events group in Bexhill are already working out of Bexhill Hive and in Jan 2016 Dv8 will be moving all courses from Victoria Hall over to Bexhill Hive (previously the job centre) on St Leonards Road. The team behind the Bexhill Hive project are working hard to make Bexhill a destination for education and industry and we are delighted to be a central part of this.

Live Events & Promotions is perfect for students with an interest in gigs, festivals, theatre or even just planning and organising, and the course puts the students right at the heart of the industry and provides countless opportunities to make contacts, put their ideas into practice and build an impressive CV alongside a Level 2 qualification.

We have spaces available on the course in Bexhill for immediate starts please click here to apply and come and join this exciting course!


Dv8 Sussex Open Day

Brighton & Bexhill campus: Tuesday 13th March 2018, 6-8pm

We are giving you the chance to visit our Brighton & Bexhill campuses to get a flavour of what we do and how we do it.

You’ll be able to:

  • Have a tour of the centre and check out our facilities and equipment
  • Meet our wonderful and exciting industry professional tutors who run our courses
  • Ask any questions you might have about Dv8 and the course you are interested in

Everyone between the ages of 15 – 18 are invited to come along -parents, carers, family and friends are all very welcome too.

It’s not compulsory, but it would help us out if you could send us an email on confirming your attendance.

We look forward to seeing you all then!

Bexhill End of Year Showcase Nirvamind

Dv8 Sussex, Bexhill Taster Session – Thursday 8th September: 10am-1pm

Our centre in Bexhill is running a Taster Session on Thursday 8th September.

The session will run from 10am-1pm and is designed to give any young people interested in joining Dv8 the chance to visit the centre, meet the staff and engage in a simple and fun activity. We are running the session on this date to allow any young person undecided on where to study for 2016/17 the opportunity to explore our environment.

There will be an introduction to the Dv8 Bexhill campus and team before having the opportunity to explore a variety of fun and engaging activities in Media Production, Music Production, and Live Events & Promotions. These courses are all about practical learning and giving you the chance to explore the things you are interested in and passionate about in a vibrant and supportive environment.

If you are interested please let us know via and we’ll book you in. As always we are more than happy for parents/carers/key workers to attend with young people and we welcome groups.

Quick links to courses available at our Bexhill campus:

Media Production // Music Production // Live Events & Promotion // Music, Media & Digital

  • Bexhill End of Year Showcase 5

What better way to celebrate the student’s tremendous hard work than to throw two Dv8 End of Year Showcases?!

The Bexhill show was hosted in their own beautifully atmospheric performance space on Tuesday 28th June. The Showcase was planned and executed by our passionate Live Events students, with a comedy duo assigned (students from the Music Production course) to keep the audience entertained throughout the intervals. The evening entailed an eclectic array of performances from the likes of alternative rock/metal, experimental (Djent) guitar pieces, death metal, rap/grime, electronic DJ sets and angelic solo performances that sent shivers through our spines! Rounding off the evening with a special treat, ex-Dv8 students, Kai and Marcus gave an awe inspiring performance!

To send the students off with a with a smile, fond memories and tears of happiness, the showcase was ended by celebrating the achievements of the students with an awards ceremony. Certificates and prizes were handed out for superb attendance, and the all important Dv8 Breakthrough Award.

The Brighton End of Year Showcase was hosted at the Brighthelm Centre on Friday 1st July.  Each course was invited to centre stage to share their exceptional work in the form of showreels, live music performances and everything in between. The Fashion students showcased their detailed, handmade Fashion Cities Africa garments and dresses. Music Production students had their newly produced tracks played loud and wide, whilst other students gave the audience a piece of live action pie! Live Events students once again helped with the planning and production of the Showcase event, and took the time to share their fantastic experiences hosting music, and comedy nights around Brighton, as well as their most recent success planning a running a Brighton Fringe venue! Media Production shared some of the many videos they had shot and edited throughout the year, and even brought a few tears to our eyes with their touching farewell showreels.

We’d like to thank each and every one of our brilliant students for making this year truly special at Dv8. We’ll miss those of you that are progressing on to new and exciting adventures – please keep in touch and let us know how you’re getting on! Summer has only just started but we’re already looking forward to welcoming back familiar faces and our new students in September!

If you’re aged 16-18 and would like to join us at either our Brighton or Bexhill campus in September on Media Production, Music Production, Fashion & Design or Live Events & Promotion, you can apply here!


Summer Task information

We are really pleased that you have chosen to join a course at Dv8 Sussex in September.

Each year we ask our course teams to devise small summer tasks for you to complete before joining the course. This is to give you the best possible start and to keep you thinking and developing whilst still enjoying your summer holidays!

Click the links below to download the task relevant to you:

Media Production Task
Event Management Task
Music Production Task
Fashion & Design Task
Introduction to Music, Media & Digital

If you have any questions or need any more information please contact the college via or call the centre on 01273 550432 (Brighton) or 01424 213890 (Bexhill)

The brilliant programme at Distrikt

Distrikt at Brighton Fringe 2016

After months of meticulous planning Distrikt Brighton launched on Friday 27th May and brought to life its programme of interesting and varied theatre and performance. The first ever youth-led Brighton Fringe venue, Distrikt represents 8 months of hard work from Dv8 Sussex’s Live Events & Promotions students aided by the expert guidance of their tutors.

Flash back to a cold and wintry day in October and the team first walked into The Spire, a community run venue based in a church off Eastern Road in Kemp Town. The enormous potential of the space was evident from the start and already ideas were bouncing around. Anyone who saw the fantastic Brighton Festival installation ‘Lou Reed Drones‘ will be aware of how beautiful The Spire can be to enjoy art in. On 23rd May, 5 days of extremely hard toil began to allow these dreams to become a reality, and a bespoke black box theatre was built inside the space. This build made the most of the amazing light and acoustics the church had to offer whilst still allowing the fresh and relevant programme to be the star.

We were delighted to welcome Brighton Fringe Director Julian Caddy down for our launch party and he even enjoyed letting out his inner demon in front of the slightly spooky green-lit stained glass (see the photo below). Addressing the Dv8 Students Julian said ‘you are the Fringe, what you’ve done here is amazing, it looks fantastic’.

A few days in and Distrikt has already played host to 5 different productions, including a sold out showing of Ahmed & The Flower Girl and the fantastically reviewed Crazy Horse: A Dream of Thunder. Visit the Distrikt website for more information on the upcoming events and make sure you don’t miss out on being a part of this inspiring and unique contribution to the greatest month in the greatest city on Earth!

(We’ll have the full Distrikt write up coming very soon!)

Want to be a part of something this amazing? Apply for our Live Events & Promotion courses for 2016/17 HERE

Brighton Fringe Director Julian Caddy - Angel or Demon?

Brighton Fringe Director Julian Caddy – Angel or Demon?

The Distrikt team with Brighton Fringe boss Julian Caddy

The Distrikt team with Brighton Fringe boss Julian Caddy

...and we are up and running

…and we are up and running

A sold out audience take to their seats

A sold out audience take to their seats

Matrix Standard Logo

We passed the Matrix, hoorah!

What is The Matrix and what does it mean?

For those of you wondering, the Matrix has nothing to do with Neo and Trinity! In fact, The Matrix Standard is an award to recognise how well we offer information, advice and guidance (IAG) to our staff, students, partners, employers, parents and anyone else accessing or working within our service. It also covers how well Dv8 plans it’s year, uses data to measure success and set priorities, communicate developments and changes as well as how we market our programmes, keep students informed and support the students through the year.

For months the staff at Dv8 have dedicated hours upon hours to making sure we ticked all The Matrix Standard’s boxes. On Monday 25th April we welcomed in Anita, our assessor and after three days of inspection at our Brighton and Bexhill campuses, we were informed that we had passed!

Just some of Anita’s feedback included Dv8’s strengths such as our industry links, high level of student support, new PDR ( professional development record) system and how well students felt that they were progressing and felt safe and supported at Dv8. Some of the areas highlighted for development included learner attendance strategies, placements and work experience collaboration and sharing best practice across teams. A massive thank you for the combined effort and a great deal of hard work that all the teams at Dv8 put into evidencing all the brilliant IAG work that we do that helped us to achieve the Matrix Standard.

Overall the whole process was a hugely positive experience for Dv8 and we couldn’t be happier with the result!

Work Experience Week - Creative Careers Day

Beginning Monday 21st March, we held our very first Dv8 work experience week. This saw our students from both Brighton and Bexhill placed with businesses around East Sussex (with the majority in the creative sector) for 2 days of the week, alongside practical workshops and our very own Creative Careers Day; a stellar line up of industry professionals to answer every burning question thrown at them from students and the public.

Dv8 work experience week was a tremendous success! Not only did our students gain a valuable insight in to the working world (which we all know can be a daunting and scary experience), some were even offered additional work, and one student was mentioned in Hastings Observer! We wanted to share just some of the fantastic feedback we’ve had from both our students and the employers kind enough to be a part in this important week.

Student feedback:

Toni (Live Events Intermediate) – The Theatre Royal

“It was fantastic, really, really good.  We did a worksheet on the first day, ushering on the second and back of house on the third, where we got to do the sound desk.  I really enjoyed the ushering but everything was really good.  It was an absolutely wonderful placement.”

Laura (Live Events Intermediate) – The Theatre Royal

“Yeah I thought it was really good actually, really fun and interesting placement.  I was there for three days and we did something different every day.  So for the first day we were in the box office and then the 2nd ushering and working front of house and the 3rd day was in the evening doing back of house. I really enjoyed the front and back of house and found it really useful.  Everyone was really welcoming and yeah I had a really good time.”

Beth (Live Events Intermediate) – Culture Shift

“Thank you so much Dv8 for giving me the opportunity to go out into the workplace and experience what I will be doing in the future I really enjoyed my work placement which has led me to gain new contacts and I am now on a extended work placement with Culture Shift.”

Josh (Music Production Intermediate) – Little Big (International Bookings agency)

“Yeah really, really good, really interesting stuff, really cool.  I was going through marketing and advertising stuff for a band’s tour, checking that all the tour dates were on and things like that.  It was really interesting and definitely a great company to work for if you’re interested in behind the scenes stuff.  Really cool placement.”

Ollie (Music Production Intermediate) – Audio Active

“It was great, I really enjoyed it.  They asked me to do another day which was pretty good, yeah really cool place, nice people.”

Patrick (Music Production Intermediate) – De La Warr Pavilion

“I found it interesting learning how The De La Warr operates and organises its events.”

Dv8 Work Experience Week

Employer Feedback:

Dr Mick Taylor – Good Money workshops

“The students were the best group I’ve worked with on this – really impressed by their energy and willingness to grapple with tricky ideas…. thanks for having me – I really enjoyed it.”

Vincent Dance Theatre Workshop

“We wanted to say a big thank you for bringing groups along to the Creative Workshops last week. We really enjoyed having your young people in the workshops and had some interesting conversations. I hope everyone took something from the workshop and enjoyed themselves.”

Audio Active

“Tom was extremely pleased with Ollie and said that he can’t fault him, he has been enthusiastic and has taken a lot of initiative. He will be doing some further work with Tom on Thursday eve and Friday and he did extra work in Lewes on Tuesday eve.”

Debbie Clare – Little Big

“Josh is doing great and it has been a pleasure to have him around, he has done some really vital work for me, and hasn’t caused me any distraction or concern.”

Mandy Curtis – 18 hour Events

“Connor was very resourceful and a delight to have on work experience as he was able to suggest ideas to develop the tasks he undertook.”
“Jesse worked quickly and most importantly from an employer’s perspective he worked independently to write a press release and develop an Event Management Plan.”

Esther Springett – Towner Gallery

“It was a pleasure having Tasha on board with us, albeit brief. In just two days, she demonstrated great willing to get stuck-in, adapt to diverse tasks and changing demands in a busy gallery. Working alongside the learning team and technical department, Tasha supported the install of our Annual Schools Exhibition – showing initiative at painting a display piece for exhibition related books and helping ensure the build up to the launch ran smoothly.

I am sure with more time, Tasha’s confidence and communication skills would build as her familiarity with the workplace and her colleagues increased. We were impressed with her professional manner, patience and attention detail. We hope to see Tasha again at the gallery and have suggested she takes a look at our volunteer programme.”

We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that made Dv8 work experience week possible, and a memorable and exciting week for our students.

You can find out how our Creative Careers Day went here.

Don’t forget you can to apply for our courses for 2016/17 here and be a part of all this magic. For more information email or call 01273 550432



louCreative Careers Day 2016
Thursday 24th March, 10.45am – 3pm
Dv8 Sussex Brighton Centre & Rialto Theatre

On Thursday 24th March we celebrated our annual Creative Careers Day at our Brighton campus and the Rialto Theatre. We welcomed a stellar line-up of exciting industry experts for a day of talks, panels, Q&As and workshops.

The day kicked off at the Rialto Theatre in style with Louise Blackwell from Fuel Theatre charting her journey from freeform experimental performance student at Dartington College of Arts to becoming a tip-top Theatre Producer. Along the way she found inspiration in a brilliant drama teacher and performed a dance piece in Brighton sea! After her talk she fielded questions on diversity in the arts and how someone might go about getting the chance to perform in a Fuel show before dashing off to London to get back to the day job…

Following hot on the heels of Louise was Tom Chute from Brighton WordPress design company Pragmatic delivering a workshop to a packed room back at Dv8’s Brighton campus. Students got to field ideas for their own website and learn how important it is to keep up to date with the latest developments for security and the best designs.
Next up at Rialto was Broadcast Journalist Alex Strangwayes-Booth who talked through her experience of working for the BBC. Alex gave some great tips on how to get a foot in the door with work experience and Apprenticeships plus how being a bit quirky and daring can go a long way!
 Now was the time to launch our first panel discussion as our very own Music Tutor Jason chaired a chat with Rough Trade A&R man Paul Jones and Brighton promotions impresario Alex Murray, founder of One Inch Badge. Over the course of 45 minutes there were too many gems as to how to get ahead in the music business to mention but the main headline was make sure your music is good and be nice! A particular highlight of the day was seeing Paul Jones post-discussion sat with a phone to his ear as it pumped out music student Josh’s latest composition. Props to Josh for not passing up the opportunity for exposure!


Second panel discussion of the day focused on words and in particular the excellent and varied work of Thomas H Green (Artsdesk) and Paul Levy (Fringe Review). Excellent titbits of advice included; find the time in the day when your brain is at its best and making sure you use that time to write; blag and blog as much as possible; and get good at time management.

Whilst words were being discussed downstairs some students had the privilege of an engaging in an interactive workshop with Sarah Perryman, Brighton Fringe Participation & Development Manager. Over the course of an hour students heard some great anecdotes and advice from Sarah (“I once put on a show in Brighton in May that wasn’t part of the Fringe and no one came!) before being guided through the conception and design of their very own show. I won’t give away what it was in case it’s the big hit of Brighton Fringe 2017 but needless to say it was a unique and exciting idea playing to the varied strengths and interests of our students.


To close the day we had a final panel discussion around the theme of pictures and media. Photographer Nick Ford was joined by Creative Director for Studio Syrup John Davison and Artist, Writer, thinker and collusion breaker (!) Simon Drake. All manner of topics were covered from the trials and tribulations of being freelance to the importance of social media to promote yourself and your work, and how important it is to be able to make a good cup of tea when starting out! Each panellist finished with a final piece of advice that summed up nicely what we learnt throughout the day:

Simon DrakeTrust your instincts, if there’s a part of your brain that says it’ll probably be alright, it won’t
Nick FordBe yourself

John DavisonBe good

And with those words still ringing in our ears we said goodbye and thank you too all the amazing guests who gave up their time for such a brilliant day. Also thank you to every student and tutor from Dv8 Sussex and beyond that came along and helped make Creative Careers Day 2016 such a success. See you next year!

Don’t forget you can to apply for our courses for 2016/17 here and be a part of all this magic. For more information email or call 01273 550432

Brighton Media Production students, and the entire Bexhill campus, met BBC South East presenter John Young for Enterprise Express last week. When John isn’t out in the blustery cold of the South Coast and reporting to us live from the early hours, he’s in schools teaching young people invaluable employability skills and techniques to enhance their future work experience opportunities.

The workshops began by asking students if they had career aspirations that they hope to achieve. After exploring multiple career paths, John shared four qualities that are essential to nail for all manner of jobs, in every industry. DAGS…

  • Deadlines – Whether you’re contracted for a particular job, or just have a time sensitive to-do list, every position will require you to meet deadlines.
  • Appearance – Office jobs may require a formal attire, and more physically demanding jobs may include safety gear. The point here is that your appearance will depend on the nature of the job you are working. If you’re unsure what’s best, play it safe by contacting your employer.
  • Getting on with it – We all have to work jobs that we aren’t as comfortable or confident in carrying out as we’d like to be, but that’s where it’s your turn to shine. Just get on with it, the quicker you start, the sooner you’ll finish.  Plus once you find a rhythm and get to know the ins and outs of the task you may find you have a skill you never even knew about!
  • Speaking to people – Communication is absolutely key for everyone. You need to be able to confidently engage with your employer, peers and clients. It’s a nerve racking  experience speaking to someone that you don’t know, and that’s fine. But we talk to people all the time, and this is no different. Just be yourself.

After learning about these important qualities, the students were ready to step outside their comfort zone. As touched on above, this process can be a little daunting and speaking to a potential employer can be a a bit scary! John gradually encourages every student to take their first step into this brave new world by getting them to sell themselves to him (John plays an employer in their interested field). As the session progressed, students were able to gain more confidence through learning how to effectively sell themselves to someone they’ve never met before. It can’t be stressed enough just how important it is to give real examples of the skills the young people have – these experiences you have will set you apart from the competition, not just your grades!

Students left feeling inspired and positive about their upcoming work experience opportunities. We’d like to say a big thank you to John for his time and fantastic employability workshops!

John Young Media 1John Young Media Workshop 9John Young Media Workshop 6John Young Media Workshop 3John Young Media Workshop 1John Young Media Workshop 2John Young Media Workshop 7John Young Media Workshop 5John Young Media Workshop 8John Young Media 3John Young Media Workshop 4

Live Events at Jason Derulo set up

On Tuesday 2nd February Brighton’s Live Events & Promotions students were given the opportunity to watch the set up for a Jason Derulo show at The Brighton Centre. The magical industry contacts of our Live Events tutor Anne-Marie (it’s all about networking people) opened all the doors to give the students a keen insight into just what it takes to make the audio-visual spectacle that a major event demands. This was a unique opportunity for the students to learn about all the roles within the live events industry and to see first hand some technical expertise in rigging, lighting and sound.

From 11am we were witness to a hive of activity as endless bits of equipment were unveiled and set up. Dancers rehearsed their final moves ahead of the show, whilst a case of chocolate donuts were even spotted being delivered in the background. Were they for Jason or the crew? We never found out but they looked delicious. Various members of staff took the time out from their busy schedule to talk the students through what they were doing and how they got started in the events industry. Finding the area you want to work in and gaining as much practical experience in that field (volunteering etc.) seemed to be a key. Good job our students are currently getting in touch with venues to ask for any opportunities to gain experience.

The shear scale of the event was particularly impressive and setting up the venue to keep 5000 Jason Derulo fans happy took a heck of a lot of work. Plus the nature of the touring production meant it would all have to be packed up again that night, phew! Discussions amongst the students range from whether they would like to work front or back of house to what they would have in their riders!

To top it all off Jason’s tour manager Amanda came up trumps and offered all the students free tickets to the show later on. What better way to get a full understanding of the whole process than to enjoy the gig too! Whilst not to everyone’s taste, we’re pretty sure we spotted each student busting at least one dance move and as for the tutors, well, the less said about their moves the better! The immortal phrase ‘never pass up a free gig’ rung out through the air as everyone finally made their way home, all a little more the wiser about what goes on behind the scenes.

Thank you to everyone at The Brighton Centre, SJM touring and of course the man Jason Derulo himself for being so accommodating and informative. And thank you to our amazing tutors and students for once again making Dv8 proud. If you think you would be interested in studying Live Events & Promotions at Dv8 Sussex find out more information here.

In February 2016 we launched the first wave of our new Paid Internship Programme (PIP); an exciting opportunity for young people aged 16-18 to get a taste of what the real working world is like. It’s a 6 month opportunity to learn essential skills in CV writing, presentation, and interview techniques, increase confidence, knowledge and employability in the work place.

We worked with some fantastic employers who each took on a hard working, dedicated young person under their wing to help develop their skills and qualities needed to thrive in the workplace.

We are currently looking for Employer’s across East & West Sussex to be part of our Paid Internship Programme from November 2016, if you are interested please contact us

Employers we have worked with:

Nick Ford Photography logo

Nick Ford Photography:

Nick Ford is a professional Freelance Photographer from Brighton. Nick has worked in the photography field for over 10 years. Nick’s background includes working as Senior Photographer and Photo Manager on P&O Crusies & Cunard which enabled him to travel the world to some amazing places including Sydney, Hong Kong and Dubai. He now primarily focuses on portrait, wedding and commercial photography.

Visit Nick Ford’s website here.

Komedia Logo


Brighton’s premier live entertainment venue presents one of the largest, most diverse arts and entertainment programmes in the UK.

With over 700 performances of comedy, music, cabaret and children’s theatre, the programme features the very best of international and national performers and includes Komedia’s all conquering resident comedy shows: Krater Comedy Club, Comic Boom and Bent Double.

Visit Komedia’s website here.


Rialto Theatre:

The Rialto Theatre is a brand new theatre in the heart of Brighton. Set in a gloriously gothic grade II listed building; they’ll be showcasing the best of local talent in the form of cutting-edge new plays, music and comedy. They hope to develop into a community hub that everyone can enjoy, with regular workshops, exhibitions and various group activities.

You can visit Rialto Theatre’s website here.

You can find the current Paid Internship Programme Employers for November 2016 here

If you’d like to be a part of our new Paid Internship Programme, please complete our application form here.

Distrikt class discussion

This year we launched our first Advanced Live Events group. The course includes all of the nitty-gritty production and planning from Intermediate, but takes students that step further in to the working events industry.

Our budding event enthusiasts aren’t just running a single event, they’re hosting the ever first fully youth led Brighton Fringe Venue this coming May! Over the last couple of months they have brainstormed and visited multiple venue choices, fund-raised funds to hire the venue, networked with people that work in the industry, and registered their chosen venue for Brighton Fringe.

So, without further ado, Live Events are pleased to announce their Fringe venue Distrikt, located in The Spire (formally known as St Mark’s Chapel). The name Distrikt was chosen to celebrate the expansion of the legendary Fringe festival, to a new part of Brighton.

The students are a hard-working collective team, but each have their own individual roles to play, including:

  • Box Office Manager, and FOH Manager – Annie
  • Development Manager (fundraising), and Site Design – Leah
  • Commercial Manager – Jess G
  • Tech Manager – James
  • Production Manager/Artist Liaison – Jess W
  • Marketing Manager – Chloe
  • Press and PR- Serena
  • Operations Manager – Caitlyn

The plan is to find 13 acts to put on 33 performances across 10 days. The team have been working hard to get all of their materials ready to market  publicly. They have made a Twitter and Facebook account, a website that is to be fully operational ready for the Fringe ticket launch in the first week of March, and an impressive venue pack that includes everything from what Distrikt is and it’s beautiful space, to costing breakdowns for potential acts.

The Distrikt team are working extremely hard to make sure everything is ready to go ready for their launch in May. They’re currently programming for the venue and short-listing acts interested in performing at The Spire. (Next Wednesday they’ll be meeting some of the acts). After programming has finished at the end of January, they’ll be working out how to market Distrikt in a variety of ways to different audiences.

The Spire

Distrikt team members’ thoughts on the project so far:

Brighton Fringe is a really good opportunity for us to learn more about the event industry and how it works – a lot of us want to work in the industry after Dv8. Through James Turnbull’s knowledge and guidance, as well as the other events tutors, we’re really learning a lot about how the real world of events works and how much time and effort goes into it.” – Jess W

Having the opportunity to run a Fringe venue is really exciting for someone who wants to get into the events industry, like me. I volunteered at Fringe last year as a Front of House Steward and after getting a glimpse into the running of a Fringe venue, my interest for the festival sector has grown. 

So far, it’s been great working with the District team on the planning and programming in preparation for May. Learning to make decisions as a team has been challenging yet interesting to find everyone’s personal strengths so that we can use them as an advantage to the running of our venue.” – Chloe

We’re so excited for the team. This is such an incredible opportunity to not only learn about Live Events, but to experience it first hand by being a part in one of Brighton’s most well known festivals.

If you’re interested in performing at Distrikt during the Fringe festival, contact the team at

If you’re aged 16-18 and think you’d love to be a part of this or something similar, why not apply for starting our Live Events course in September?

Our Intermediate Live Events group put on an absolutely smashing show to end the year. Tie-ing in with the release of Star Wars, The Force Awakens, Live Events chose a space galactic themed Christmas party for the students. On arrival at The Synergy Centre, we were met by a “dark Santa” and had a lucky Christmas present dip! Hula hooping, deck spinning, fancy dress, and live performances – Cosmic Christmas had it all!

Live Events put on an outstanding event, and we wanted to thank everyone involved for a really special Dv8 Christmas event – great job! Now, pictures speak a thousand words, so have a flick through the Cosmic Christmas fun below…

(Credit and a big thank you to Taria Styles, on our Advanced Media Production course for taking these photos.)

If you’d like to learn the nitty-gritty of putting on your own event, why not apply to join our Live Events & Promotion course next year?