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Celebrating our Passion for Fashion

Brighton End of Year Showcase at BYC

Fashion and Design have truly been on a journey this year. Some of our students hadn’t so much as picked up a needle and thread when they first started, and now they’re designing and putting together their very own outfits. Read on and flick through the galleries to see some of the wonderful memories, experiences and projects our students have been involved with this year.

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Dv8 End of Year Celebrations 2017

End of Year Showcase Awards

That’s a wrap! Another truly wonderful year full of passion and creative energy is coming to an end. To celebrate in style, we held our annual End of Year Showcase at Brighton Youth Centre (BYC) on Wednesday 28th June. The showcase is an opportunity for all of our students to get together and share their hard work and achievements with peers, friends and family.

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What have our Get Into students been working on?

Get Into Students at Beach

Get Into

What is Get Into? 

Get the support you need to progress into work, apprenticeships or other training. A part-time 4 week programme to develop your employability skills through Creative and Digital Media. Gain a Workskills qualification with the option to add a qualification in your area of interest such as Customer Service, Business Admin, Digital Marketing and more!

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Live Events students host performance showcase and photography exhibition

Timelines – Performance showcase by Live Events student Adam

Timelines - Showcase event 1
Timelines - Showcase event 3

On Monday 8th May Events student Adam put on his first ever event. Having spent the first term learning the fundamentals of event production and promotion Adam decided to work towards a nostalgia themed event for his big show and chose the Latest Music Bar as the venue after scouting out the best that Brighton had to offer.

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Introduction to Music, Media & Digital students 1 Brighton FM Radio Takeover

1 Brighton FM Radio Takeover 2
1 Brighton FM Radio Takeover

Brighton students from our Introduction to Music, Media & Digital group produced and presented their first ever radio show on 1 Brighton FM. The show featured exclusive plays of their own productions made in class, interviews with the students and DJ mixes. On hand was our awesome tutor and regular 1 Brighton FM presenter Joe Newman, AKA J-Felix to show the students the ropes. We’re super proud of the students and think they did an exceptional job! Producing a radio show to the local community isn’t the easiest of tasks!

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Bexhill Hive: Our New Home


Bexhill Hive: Our New Home

As you may have seen or heard, we have now officially moved into Bexhill Hive in the town centre. Our Bexhill DV8 students can now make the most of brand new, purpose built classrooms, student support, green screen room, computer rooms and the main common room. It looks great…. if we do say so ourselves!

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Employability Week and Creative Careers Day

Tom Hines Audio Active Workshop

Dv8 Sussex’s Employability Week ran from Monday 20th March to Friday 24th March. A chance for our students to access invaluable work placements plus workshops, trips. Plus to finish off the week in style we held our annual Creative Careers Day at Komedia Brighton, featuring all manner of exciting industry professionals. Read on below for a taste of the magic that unfolded…

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Simon Drake, Film Producer / Director – Guest Visit

Darker Days - Simon Drake

On Friday 4th February Director, Producer and Actor, Simon Drake presented our Media Production students with a guest talk offering a unique insight into the film industry. Including an exclusive summary of the production, post production and distribution process for his latest full-length feature film ‘Darkest Day‘ and brilliant tips for budding Dv8 film makers.

Simon explained his journey into the film industry, from making films in his bedroom at the age of 16 to working on Harry Potter and BBC film sets in his late 20’s. He also explained his route of progression from making tea, work experience, set design, runner work, acting and finally directing and producing. Simon encouraged students to get as involved as possible because something as simple as making tea can offer you the opportunity to get a promotion, especially on a smaller set!

‘It is all about being open minded and working with what you have. You have the passion, otherwise you can’t commit to the prices and you won’t be able to do the 24 hour shoots.’

Simon discussed the process for the making of ‘Darkest Day’ after we watched the latest American trailer. The film was created using a total budget of £1000 including post production but the film was years in the making! ‘Darkest Day’ is a homage to ’28 Days Later’ and Simon said he chose this genre and theme as ‘Zombies are in fashion’. He began as an extra on the original project which started as a short ten minute film but later evolved into a full-length feature film with Simon taking on the role of Assistant Director. Simon recommended the 30 minute ‘making of’ section of the DVD to Dv8 students as it explains the equipment he used in further detail along with how they worked around financial, technical and logistical issues as a team. A key example of this is that due to a limited amount of actors Simon found that he only had 3 real soldiers in total and therefore needed to duplicate the actors to look like an army – this was done using CGI effects. But it is important to note that Simon and his team taught themselves how to use the software as they went along!

Software and Hardware used: HD camera with a lens adapter as original camera was dropped in the sea. Premiere + After Effects (Click here to buy the film on Amazon)

Simon also described the film distribution process and showed us that once a film is sold to a distribution company it is re-branded and packaged to suit the chosen market. ‘Darkest Day’ is a perfect example of this as the poster was redesigned and as was the trailer to suit the new American market. This meant that the poster included additional features and characters that aren’t even in the film. The trailer on the other hand had much faster paced editing and post-production techniques to make the film look action packed and dramatic.

4. DV8 TALKS _ Simon Drake - Film Director

Key tips from Simon:

  • Post production: The post production can easily be rushed if people lose enthusiasm and momentum but the final push is vital to the success of a film. ‘Be a perfectionist – Push it to its full potential! However, it is common for people to prefer the filming process as it is social and post production can be isolating and more mundane but it needs to be finished properly for it to be commercially well received.
  • Work experience: Build relationships and learn as much as you can.
  • ‘Don’t fall at the last hurdle because the audience won’t thank you for rushing’.
  • Never show a distribution company a half finished film – first impressions are important.
  • Anyone can make a film, even with a low budget, if you have the passion and the drive to succeed.
  • 90 minute feature films and genre films in general are more sell-able than short films.
  • Be practical with your resources.
  • After the review process- Guardian and print reviews – Simon Drake amended and re-edited the film, drawing from that feedback (ready for the American release) – He encourages students to learn from criticism but maintain motivation.
  • Ignore people when they say ‘Why isn’t your film finished yet?’.

Questions from the Dv8 Media Production students:

Do you enjoy post production?

“Yes – You have to, but it does take all of your time and energy. So you have to still love it.”

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths: Organised/ Paranoid – Therefore Simon prepares in advance for things to go wrong.

Tip: Preparation – manage your expectation, allow for mistakes and back up your props.

Tip: Know when to compromise and where your limits are and adapt to problems as there will always be something

What inspired you to get into the film industry?

Simon likes making films that aren’t often in British cinema and he enjoys the social aspect of meeting new people and finding unusual film locations. 

Tip: Building relationships with locations management teams and network because you never know when you will need that contact again!

What directors do you take inspiration from?

Danny Boyle/ Christopher Nolan/Jackie Chan/ Stanley Kubrick / Catherine Bigelow/ Steven Spielberg/ James Cameron

Ultimately many of these directors offer profoundly different takes on British cinema or are British directors working in America

Simon claims that you can also learn from bad directors as you can establish their mistakes and create a discussion or draw inspiration for your own project.

Tips: Look into director’s commentaries and ‘making of’ features as they will have tips to help you.

Take themes from any films – learn to be receptive and analyse, basically take on board everything you can!

We’d like to say a big thank you to Simon for sharing his top tips to succeed in the film / media industry.

If you’d like to begin your journey into one of the creative industries, why not apply to join a Dv8 course in September!

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Anna Moulson, Melting Vinyl Guest Visit

Anna Moulson from Melting Vinyl with Dv8 Live Events and Music students

Continuing our stellar guest line-up we welcomed Brighton’s legendary Live Music Promoter Anna Moulson, from Independent Promotions Company Melting Vinyl. Anna has been working in the industry for over 18 years and has a wealth of experience she was happy to share with our determined Live Events and Music Production students.

Anna’s live music promotion is a diverse and constantly evolving position. To give a basic understanding, a promoter is “the middle person” between artists/agents and the venues. They provide a live music platform, a wage for the artists, and supplies the audiences with quality entertainment.  Some of the roles involved include programming, pre-post production, marketing and ticketing, networking and repping. Research is a big part of Anna’s life too! She spends sometimes a couple of hours a day listening to bands on the radio, and checking out profiles of artists on Facebook too.

Over the years Anna has worked with all manner of creative artists from small local bands to worldwide stars. Some of Anna’s claim to fame involves putting on both The White Stripes and The Strokes first ever regional show! Every band has to start somewhere and as well as organising higher capacity shows with days worth of technical pre-production, Anna loves to stage grassroot shows so that she can go on a real journey with emerging artists as they climb the mountain that is the music industry.

Some of our favourite pieces of advice from Anna to propel yourselves into the world of promoting are…

  • Start by promoting local bands. Not only will this give you a good understanding of the processes involved, but that of the bands too.
  • When promoting on Twitter, get more out of your 140 character limit. Use an engaging image and tag in venues, artists, and ticketing companies for a larger audience reach.
  • Try not to discount tickets – sinking ship indicators!
  • Location of venue and even weather can be important variables to factor in when choosing where to put this gig on.
  • Be strong, resilient, patient and persistent.
  • Don’t be afraid to big yourself up. You’re young, you’ve got large peer groups, share what events/work you have done.
  • It’s quite good to have a niche.
  • It’s very difficult to live off of promoting, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a job on the side to help earn you an income.
  • Don’t expect people to come to you. Anna has been running Melting Vinyl for 18 years and still has to approach artists.
  • Working out how much to pay artists is a skill and takes time.

Thanks ever so much for sharing your experiences and words of wisdom with us Anna!

If you’d like to begin your journey into one of the creative industries, why not apply to join a Dv8 course in September!

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Student Spotlight – Charlie, Introduction to Music, Media & Digital

Today marks the start of a new series of student spotlights! We’ll be regularly celebrating and sharing with you the stories and journeys of our creative, passionate students and the work they are producing both at Dv8 Sussex and outside of college. We’d like to start by introducing, Charlie! 

Charlie Spring Heel Jack

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you wanted to join Dv8?

My name is Charlie, I’m 18 years old I’m studying Introduction to Music Media and Digital.

I am interested in drama, acting, and making films. I wanted to join Dv8 because I like media, music, script writing, directing,using my imagination and being creative. I believe Dv8 can give me a great education in putting all of this to good use!

What do you do when you’re not at college?

I am at SilverLee Stage School out of college and I like going to London to watch West End shows.

Who or what inspires you to be creative?

I have been inspired by TV dramas and they have made me want to pursue acting. I have also been inspired by the story of Biddy the Tub Man who was a local celebrity in Hastings and a relative of mine. His life story interests me and inspires me to be a performer.

Share with us a piece of work you’d like to celebrate…

I have made a short film at Dv8 called Springheel Jack which is a story about Jack the Ripper and it is available to everyone who wants to watch it on YouTube. I scripted and acted in it, did the voice over and had a go at making sound effects which included bashing a cabbage to make the stabbing sound! I also made the animation parts with some help from the student support at Dv8. (Warning, being a tale about Jack the Ripper, there is some gore!)

If you could interview any actor, who would you pick and why?

If I could interview any actor it would probably be David Tennant because I like that he was playing the 10th Doctor and he was one of the best Doctors I have seen in Doctor Who. I also really like him playing the detective in Broadchurch because he played a really funny part and acted with Olivia Coleman.

What would you like to have achieved in ten years time?

In ten years time I would like to be in a job involving script writing or acting. I’d also like to have a family, live independently and just have a great life and be positive.

Thanks for sharing your story Charlie, and thank you for the hard work and dedication you put in every day. Your passion for media, acting and script writing sure shows through in Spring Heel Jack – Keep up the fantastic work! 

If you’d like to start your journey in to one of the creative industries, why not apply to join a Dv8 course in September!

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Rob Luis, Tru Thoughts Guest Visit

Rob Luis, Tru Thouhts - Guest Visit

On Friday 27th January, we warmly welcomed Founder, A&R and co-owner of Brighton-based independent record label Tru Thoughts, Robert Luis. Rob joined our Music Production, Live Events and Media Production students to give a thorough and personal account of his inspirational journey into the music industry, and what our students can do to make it there too. 

Rob started off where many aspiring music producers do, working the decks as a DJ in local bars and clubs. He was also paid to play at house parties. DJing might sound a long way off from Rob’s current job roles, but it’s what got him to where he is today.

So how did he do it, and how can you and our students break into the ever-expanding music industry?

Network, talk to people and make contacts – this couldn’t be emphasised more. Rob got to know a lot of people DJing at a wide range of events. Every time he had an event on, posters would go up into local shops and Rob would make a point of speaking to every single owner and inviting them down to his night, guest list style. When Rob ran his nights, he’d invite other DJs to take a slot on the decks. Those DJs would bring their friends and fans down for a good night. Slowly but surely, all this communication built up to something wonderful… Tru Thoughts.

Tru Thoughts was set up back in 1999 in Brighton by Rob and Paul Jonas. One of their earliest signings and successes was Bonobo. Bonobo’s debut was ‘Animal Magic’ and was immediately well received by critics and fans. Tru Thoughts also signed our very our Music Production Tutor Joe, AKA J-Felix! If you’d like to read more about how Tru Thoughts started and just how passionate they are about the music they sign, visit their website here.

Rob Luis, Tru Thouhts - Guest Visit

Rob explained to students that when they send in samples/mixes of their work, they need to get them in front of the right people. Artist and Repertoire Officers are a good point of call. One of the sad truths though is that even if you find the right contact your music may not get heard. Rob told us that he tries to listen to every demo sent to him, but with 100-200 songs arriving in his inbox every day, how can he possibly listen to them all? Persistence and patience is key. Don’t harass these contacts, but do stagger emails to them, do call up, do show your passion. Those that pursue in the right way and politely have a good shot at being heard. Rob also highlighted that recommendations go a long way. Again, it’s about who you know! If a friend or colleague approaches Rob and drops you and your music in conversation positively, you’re more likely to get your track heard.

Rob’s had plenty more words of wisdom to give over the course of an hour, but to summarise her are a few pieces of excellent advice…

  • Set yourselves realistic goals. Don’t set out to conquer the world immediately. Start small, get your music out to the local community, meet people and network there.
  • Don’t beg, but don’t be afraid to ask for help and support.
  • Social Media provides great platforms for communication and promotion, but they can also be a hindrance. Get out there and meet people face to face. This is so much more effective and engaging than email exchanges.
  • Make music that you are passionate about, not what others want your music to be. Music is an art.
  • Get your music out there and ask for constructive feedback.
  • You’re always going to make mistakes, but these are important lessons. Learn from those mistakes!

We’d like to say a big thank you to Rob for sharing his truly inspiring journey with us.

If you’d like to start your exciting journey into one of the creative industries, why not apply to join a Dv8 course in September!

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Creative Writing – Persuasive Techniques by Thomas, Fashion & Design

Fashion & Design student Thomas was asked in his English lesson to produce a piece of creative writing using persuasive techniques. He sure put those techniques to good use, just have a read of this fantastic  piece about his experience studying at Dv8!

Thomas Fashion and Design Student

Fashion & Design student Thomas, with his latest corset design.

 “Young people should join Dv8 because of its energetic, passionate and distinguished vibe. Everybody that comes here is guaranteed to have an amazing time.  People that come here leave with qualifications, friends and a step closer to their dreams. What more could someone want out of a college?

At Dv8 there are many things that go on, with students always active and learning something new to add to their list of skills.  The staff are brilliant at what they do, helping their students to do well for the future and helping them.  Dv8 has a very homely feel to it with a lounge where students can go and take a break from the stress of everyday life, make a coffee, and just relax.

There are no pressures here, every student is looked after with the highest standards, with teachers making sure that every student is progressing at their own speed. The overall atmosphere at Dv8 really helps them to focus and learn in a calm and friendly environment. All students at Dv8 are outgoing and communicate well with other students and teachers, which makes the overall atmosphere great. Coming to Dv8 would definitely benefit young people, now and in the future.

One of my favourite moments at Dv8 was when I spent four weeks crafting my Trashion (fashion made of trash) piece, and then we put them on display and watched as people observed our amazing work.

Can you really afford not to come here?”

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Aloho-ho: Brighton Christmas Party 2016

Each year our Live Events & Promotion Intermediate (Level 2) students are given a brief to create a Christmas party for Dv8 students, staff, friends and family. It’s not enough for this to be just a Christmas party, it needs to have an original theme, a great line-up of acts, a variety of fun activities, plus it needs to take place at a venue outside of college. For many of the Live Events students this was their first experience of organising an event and boy did they do themselves proud. This is the story of Aloho-ho – the Hawaiian vibes Christmas party…

So first things first; a theme. Last year’s Cosmic Christmas exchanged Santa’s sleigh for spaceship, an extraterrestrial tough act to follow. Various ideas were bounced around until discussion turned to what people do and don’t like about Christmas. Santa good, cold weather bad. Presents good, lack of sunlight bad. Festive cheer good, seasonal coughs and sneezes bad. Finally a breakthrough – what if we fused all the good parts of Christmas with something tropical, hot and fun like… Hawaii? And so Aloho-ho was born, complete with Alan the Hawaiian shirt wearing, Ukulele playing reindeer.

  • The audience were captivated by Millie & Millie

Name, concept and Ukulele wielding reindeer in the bag it was time to get to work. Print was designed and distributed and marketing plans put in place for Facebook, Instragram and Twitter. After visiting a wide selection of venues in Brighton the students chose to deliver the event at Synergy on West Street and began to draw up a budget to offset costs against ticket sales, as well as designing floor plans and completing the all important risk assessment.

But there can be no event without acts so it was time for the programmer and Artist Liaison Manager to shine. Not content to play it safe with a couple of bands the group devised a programme for the night that took the audience on a journey from a four-to-the-floor techno set (Matthew Ortarix), to stripped back and soulful acoustic covers (Millie and Amelia), toe-tapping charty house (PRYZE), spoken evocations skipping on the beats between hip hop and poetry (Colerik) before rounding off with a blistering party set of house, UK garage and DnB (Makna).

Everything came together perfectly on the night as the space soon filled with students, tutors and friends with each act bringing their A-game. There was something for everyone to move, think and groove to as the lights were down low, the vibes were up high. Images of tropical beaches and surfers conquering impossible waves flickered serenely across the walls. Mince pies sat alongside Tiki statues and students decked out in Hawaiian shirts and leis made their way to the professional photobooth to pose with flamingos and parrots for a tropical Christmas souvenir. After two hours it was all over but not before Synergy’s Manager took to the mic to compliment the students on one of the best shows he had witnessed at the venue.

  • Synergy truly became Hawaii for a day
It would be impossible to say how proud we were of the events team for putting together such a brilliant, original and fun Christmas party, but maybe writing ‘well done’ in capital letters will go some of the way, WELL DONE! We can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned next term and the exciting shows still to come. But for now, enjoy your well earned break and have a great Christmas.

If you interested in joining the Live Events course fill out our application form here. Spaces are available for January starts as well as for the new intake in September.

All photos courtesy of Xena Gould, Live Events student and photographer extraordinaire!
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Dv8 Bexhill Christmas Showcase 2016

  • Dv8 Bexhill Christmas Showcase 2016

There’s only one way to end the year at Dv8, and that’s with a celebratory showcase extravaganza! The Live Events team put together an engaging evening of live entertainment, showreels and smiles. We had electrifying guitar solos, captivating and beautiful acoustic sets, dynamic media films, exhibitions of deep and thoughtful photography work and 3D artist profiles, and a booming house set to get you bouncing out of your seat!

The bulk of the Christmas Showcase took place in Dv8’s performance area; the sanctuary. The sanctuary lends itself well to live performances with it’s beautiful open space acoustics. During the intervals, guests would make their way through to the main hall to watch students short films and showreels, listen to the tracks our music students have mixed, and tour around the room to examine the photography exhibition our Media photographers have put together.

  • Dv8 Bexhill Christmas Showcase 2016

Unexpected moment of the evening….

We tried to invoke the eerie atmosphere of Charlie’s short film by using a smoke machine to blend the projected film in with the main hall. Unfortunately, we used a little too much smoke, set the fire alarm off and had to evacuate everyone outside… The thought was there and at least the alarm gave everyone a scare!

We didn’t manage to capture every student but here’s a few snippets of some of the live performances!

If you want to be a part of Dv8, why not apply and join one of our short courses in January? Spaces in Brighton and Bexhill on Introduction to Music, Media & DigitalMusic Production, and Live Events & Promotion.  Apply here

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A day in the life of a Dv8 student…

The sheer amount of wonderful and imaginative work being produced in the classrooms is somewhat overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this blog, ‘A day in the life of a Dv8 student’ to give you just a small glimpse of the magic our students are surrounded by and a part of each day. We want every student to have a dynamic, varied and exciting experience every single day! 


Media Production

To help the students understand how shutter speeds effect the outcome of  images (and because it’s just fun to play around with), the Media crew are using long exposures (30 seconds), laser pointers and torches to “paint with light” to create these images.

The Bexhill group carried out a location recce by exploring The Hive. Know your hazards from your risks! Some exciting film projects on the horizon… watch this space!


Fashion & Design

The Fashion team are learning to pattern cut a corset on mannequins using the ‘moulage’ technique. This is where the fabric is draped on the mannequin, taped with masking tape, and pinned to create the parts of a garment. This is then laid flat on paper, markings for details and darts are added, as well as a seam allowance of a centimetre. The students can make their garment out of any fabric of their choice. There are some amazingly intricate designs, progress is fast, and we can’t wait for more!



Live Events & Promotion

The Live Events students continue to scope out the endless possibilities of the Brighton events scene. There’s a venue for everyone and everything! Venue recces included Coalition, Latest Music Bar, and Patterns!


The budding Bexhill events team have also been busy with their own venue recces and market research visiting the likes of De La Warr Pavilion and Music’s Not Dead. The purpose of these trips was to think creatively about how different spaces suit specific contexts and types of events.

Brighton evens team are planning a Hawaiian Christmas themed party with live music, DJs, spoken word, food, drink, and all manner of Christmas joy! Whereas this year the Bexhill Live Event’s teams are in the middle of planning an electrifying End of Year Christmas showcase not to be forgetten! Both Brighton and Bexhill students are taking into account programming and producing, health and safety, marketing, press, and budget management.


Introduction to Music, Media & Digital

The Music, Media & Digital students get up to a multitude of dynamic tasks throughout the day. The Bexhill students spent a session getting to grips with a ton of analogue music equipment, and  the new Brighton students took their first steps to becoming seasoned photographers, experimenting with camera angles and lenses.


Below is a short video created by Bexhill student Charlotte as part of her Introduction to Music, Media & Digital course. She was working to a brief where she had to include a specific number of shots and use a variety of camera angles and techniques (zoom, panning, tilt, close-up, long-shots etc). She even wrote the track that accompanies the film too – amazing work!

Music Production

Collaboration project in the making! The Music and Media students have been organising a photoshoot for the music team’s upcoming album release ‘Bounce and Burn‘ (more on this soon!). The group is called ‘Odd Socks Collective’ as there will be an eclectic mix of genres featured on the album. Two classes working together wasn’t enough, so the Fashion team are also hard at work designing the socks for the music student’s shoot which will also feature on the album cover along with a group shot of the music artists.

Over in Bexhill the music team have been designing their own synth patch‘s to accompany their House compositions. They’re also heavily into practising for the upcoming Bexhill Christmas show. Tracks being rehearsed include Sam Smith’s Stay With Me and Snow Fairy Full.


Maths Lessons

Tutors and students have been having tasty sessions with cake (because cake makes everything better!) Students have been working out how to construct pie charts, or in our case cake charts. They’ve also been working with tangrams to encourage logical reasoning and utilise problem solving skills to improve resilience and the ability to look at problems from a different angle.

Problem to solve: I have to cut my cake into six pieces, what size angle will each piece be? If they can construct the pie (cake) chart correctly and cut out one piece accurately the tutor will exchange it for real cake!



Lunch Time Games Club

Bexhill students and tutors have even introduced a lunch time games club to keep their brains stimulated! Chess, Backgammon, Battleship, Uno, Boggle, Sudoku… Who said you have to be glued to a screen constantly to have fun? Bringing back some classic pastimes for sure.


If you want to be a part of something this special and exciting, why not apply to join us in next September? Apply here

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Fresh, an End of Term Showcase (Oct 2016)

What an absolute pleasure the first term at Dv8 Sussex has been! There’s been a continuous buzz of non-stop, action packed creativity and there was no better way to share everyone’s hard work and achievements than to host an end of term showcase (planned by our very own Live Events students) to celebrate. This year FRESH was hosted at surroundings of the quirky and retro Rialto Theatre in Brighton. We bussed the Bexhill students over and held an afternoon of showreels, exhibitions and live performances.

The Fashion students exhibited their innovative and experimental Trashion dresses and accessories (made from rubbish and recyclables collected around Brighton) in the theatre’s picturesque lobby. Rubbish never looked so good! See all of their designs in our Trashion blog here.

Our Live Events Intermediate students spent the first four weeks working with unlimited finances, locations and all the artists you could ever dream of, alive and dead, as they planned their fantasy festivals. Culminating in a wonderful and varied selection of posters and mood boards on display at the event it was brilliant to have an insight into what these young promoters may achieve in the future.

We had an eclectic array of music performances across the Intermediate and Advanced students. Bexhill bought double whammies of electric guitar pieces, and even more noise from Bexhill’s very own ‘Grunge n Roses’ (we’re surprised the roof remained intact!). Sometimes all you need is a piano and an incredible voice as Georgia proved silencing the room with her version of Summertime. Brighton’s Music Advanced crew cut an imposing sight on stage, you can’t beat wearing sunglasses indoors to really capture the serious musician vibe, before launching into a funky time signature shifting synth hip hop epic… #psychedelic. Final music performances were complete with visuals of the band courtesy of your Introduction to Music, Media and Digital groups. More solo singers alongside a vast array of funny, moving and exciting films, it was brilliant to see Rialto turned into a true multi-media experience. Sampled beats, visuals, guitar solos and heartfelt vocals, all put together in just four weeks!

The Media Production students from Brighton and Bexhill showcased a selection of short films / trailers. See below a mashup of their creativity!

None of this would have been possible without the amazing organisational prowess of our Live Events Advanced students who spent the first four weeks of term planning this all down to a tee. Front of house, back of house, marketing, promotion, technical and production management, they did it all with maturity and flair. We can’t wait to see some of the other projects they have up their sleeves come to fruition later in the year.

If you want to be a part of something this special and exciting, why not apply to join us in next September? Apply here

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Fashion and Design Trashion Project, Term One

(Photographs taken by Brighton Intermediate Media Production students Oscar, Kay and Chris.)

Each year the Fashion & Design students begin their first term at Dv8 Sussex with a creative Trashion project, this year called ‘What a load of junk’. The purpose of this project is to make garments/dresses out of recycled items that are usually thrown away, which our young designers source themselves from the local community. The Fashion students showcased their designs in our recent end of term event FRESH, and also collaborated with Media Production students so that they could take away professional photographs of their pieces to add to their creative and professional portfolios (some of which are shown in the slideshow above).

The gallery above highlights the dresses, garments and accessories our budding Fashion & Design students made.  We are blown away by their imagination and technical skills. It takes a a truly passionate individual to visualise and upscale to a high standard what essentially is rubbish!

Below you can read about the Fashion & Design students inspiration, the techniques they’ve learnt and used to piece together their incredible Trashion designs, and their thoughts on the course at Dv8 so far.

“The outfit I made for the Trashion Project consisted of a variety of rubbish and re-purposed materials including bin bag liners, envelopes, magazine cuttings, ring pulls, and a collection of found beads. For the top of my outfit I was inspired by the Balmain Spring 2016 fashion show where a lot of the tops were wrap around and halter neck. I created my wrap-around top with a twist and added plaits with wire and beads and ring pull detailing. The bold geometric designs of Christopher Kane inspired my skirt, layering up the rectangle envelopes I found and magazine cuttings to make an A-line design. I used a range of bright colours that drew attention to the skirt and then by doing a small pattern of rectangles on the top too the whole outfit was drawn together.

Some techniques I used to make this outfit include, sewing the collar of the top together with small bits of plastic bags to get it to sit and fold in the right way, making a clasp at the back of the top using a ring pull on one side and a roll of plastic on the other so that the top can be put on and removed with ease. My skirt also involved a zip and to get the shape I wanted I had to make darts in it.

Our first project on the DV8 Fashion course, Trashion, has been a challenge but has allowed me to think out of the box when designing and has encouraged me to experiment with a variety of materials. I am looking forward to the next project and learning new techniques when designing.” – Prudence

“My Trashion products were based around beers and ciders (mainly Budweiser). For the dress I used bubble wrap, red plastic carrier bags, red and white electrical tape, bottle caps and ‘FRAGILE’ tape. I first made a bubble wrap bodysuit with a big ’Budweiser’ logo over the breast area to work slightly as a bandeau. I then made a skirt out of red plastic carrier bags, I made one side all ruched up and creased in a way, the other side I embellished with bottle cap tassels. I wrapped ‘FRAGILE’ tape around the waistline to work as a belt. The back is easily open and done back up using white bows.

The bag was made with cardboard, bubble wrap, red plastic carrier bags, Budweiser logos, bottle caps, a zip and a display stand for dental floss in a shop. I first attached the box shape made out of cardboard to the dental floss display stand to get the shape. I then had to attach the zip to the red bags. I then covered the bag with red plastic carrier bags, and put bubble wrap with the Budweiser logo on the side panels. I then had to make the bottle cap strap and attach it to the bag with a glue gun.

To make the shoes I had to use cardboard, bubble wrap, Budweiser logo, zips, bottle caps, red plastic carrier bags, electrical tape and fluffy fabric. Firstly, I made the soles and platforms out of cardboard. Then made the bottle cap heels by sticking them together with a glue gun. I then put the red plastic bags and bubble wrap together with the zips. Then attached them to the soles, followed by gluing the fluffy fabric inside to the sole. Lastly I glued the bottle caps heels.

I’m really enjoying Dv8 Sussex so far, we’ve always got something to be doing. It’s not just sitting in a classroom, it’s going around town gathering supplies and making and creating and that’s exactly what I need.” – Evie

“My outfit is mostly made of plastic with decorations made of foil, plastic, box straps, bath bomb packaging, wire coat-hangers, a piece of bag material, a pie dish and pictures I cut out from some Christmas wrapping paper.

My inspirations for this outfit are fairies for the dress and wings but the apron is inspired by spooky box zombabe. More specifically it is based on the bone apron.” – Louise

“The materials that I have used for my Fashion piece, are as follows; Black bags, wallpaper, plastic bags, cardboard, bubble wrap and a small broach.

The techniques I used were using darbs, sewing and stapling stocking, and drawing to design my outfit/fashion piece. I got my inspiration from Roman battle armour and princess dresses.

I am finding the course fun, exciting, inspiring and helpful.”- Vanessa

“The materials I used for my dress include a metallic reusable bag from “Irregular choice” and a wired lampshade. I made panniers out of the lamp shade using wire cutters to cut it in half. This was inspired by 18th century historical costume. I created the bodice using darts to fit the body made out of the “irregular choice” bag. I added a zip onto the back of the dress as well as a choker embellished with old jewellery and made it connect to the dress using part of the metallic bag. I also edged and layered the dress to give it more of the 18th century effect.

I am enjoying my time at Dv8 as we get to go out to collect resources whenever we need and are

able to express ourselves whenever we create something.” – Shannon

“To create my dress I used trash that I collected from various stores around town. The base of my dress is made from blue bin bags which I cut and put together using glue, zip and darts to ensure that it fit the manikin well and to give it shape. To create straps for the top half I plaited plastic bags and added a black fringe. To give the dress some extra detailing and to continue following my theme of triangles I cut out 2 triangles on the sides of the dress replaced it with transparent wrapping plastic. I then proceeded to cut triangles out of envelopes, crisp packet’s and magazines and layered them down the front of the dress. To finish the dress I found some wire and made triangles and circles to stick over the top of the paper triangles making the dress more 3D. Finally, I added black fringing along the bottom of the dress.

My dress was inspired by one of Verdad Officals dressed from their SS17 collection. The course at Dv8 is going well. I’m enjoying spending time with creative people and being able to but my creative ideas into practice.” – Molly

If you’d like to apply to study our Fashion & Design course next year, you can find our short application form here.

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Bexhill Live Events Students De La Warr Pavilion Tour

Bexhill Live Events students kicked off the start of term with a tour of De La Warr Pavilion to find out about all the varied events they put on including Music, Comedy, Exhibitions, Talks & Tours, Family Events and Film / Live Broadcasts. It gave the students real insight into the workings of a local venue and highlighted the vast breadth of events that can take place under one roof.

Following on from the tour the students hit the streets to seek out where the events at De La Warr may be promoted within the town, discussing why their brochure might be at certain places and not others which really gave them food for thought as well as a chance to bond as a team and get a feel for Bexhill itself.

Our Live Events group in Bexhill are already working out of Bexhill Hive and in Jan 2016 Dv8 will be moving all courses from Victoria Hall over to Bexhill Hive (previously the job centre) on St Leonards Road. The team behind the Bexhill Hive project are working hard to make Bexhill a destination for education and industry and we are delighted to be a central part of this.

Live Events & Promotions is perfect for students with an interest in gigs, festivals, theatre or even just planning and organising, and the course puts the students right at the heart of the industry and provides countless opportunities to make contacts, put their ideas into practice and build an impressive CV alongside a Level 2 qualification.

We have spaces available on the course in Bexhill for immediate starts please click here to apply and come and join this exciting course!

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Staff Profile – Adam Sheldon, Media Production Tutor

Dv8 Sussex Media tutor Adam Sheldon

Tell us about how you got started in Media Production…

My first love was acting which I went to study at university. I did a variety of roles on stage and film, particularly liking anything that let me be a bit silly (I have a habit of falling over for laughs). I enjoyed learning how to act so much myself that I began teaching it to all ages and it’s been amazing to see some of my students go on to achieve success in shows such as Eastenders and on stage, as well as helping his younger performers gain confidence for their first roles.

Over time I realised that my passion for performance didn’t just lie in front of the camera and I wrote and directed some short films and theatre before having the pleasure of working as a Film and TV freelancer in Europe and America for a diverse range of clients including, Sky, Disney, BBC, and ITV. I also worked in documentary film making for many years, completing a six part travelling documentary around Europe. Any excuse for a holiday hey…

Most recently I’ve been associate producing shows for the ‘Crime and Investigation Network’ and have even been filming with Tinchy Strider on a headphone advert. On top of all this I started a film production company in Brighton with a friend of mine making video content for the web which has been really fun so far.

What do you enjoy about working at Dv8 Sussex?

I’ve always loved teaching young people and can’t wait to see the ideas they come up. We get to do loads of fun things in the year like animations, film shoots and trips, and there’s always a lot of laughter around. I particularly like helping students find their passion for something and enjoy learning, even if they have always enjoyed it in the past. Dv8 is great for that because of the small class sizes and friendly atmosphere, it seems to bring the best out of students and tutors!

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you…

I auditioned to play the role of Jason Bourne in the Bourne films but missed out to Matt Damon because he’s taller than me (that may or may not be true…).

Fancy having a teacher as amazing as Adam? Visit here for more information about our Media Production study programmes.

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Staff Profile – Sharon Oliver, Fashion Tutor


Tell us about how you got started in Fashion & Design

I graduated from the University of Brighton back in 1993 and there wasn’t much time for celebration as I then went straight into her first design job in London after the weekend! I was hired as a textile designer working for the American market predominately, in printed textiles for fashion and continued to do this for an incredible 16 years. In the process I sold my work to massive designers all over the world including America, Paris, Japan and Australia as well as the odd design here in the UK.

In more recent years I specialised in menswear and the Hawaiian market. Because of this, I often find myself watching American shows such as Dexter, Hawaii 50 and The Walking Dead and seeing the actors wearing my designs!

What do you enjoy about working at Dv8 Sussex?

In 2009 I decided I’d accomplished everything I set out to do in that area of the fashion industry, which is when I thought about setting up and teaching a fashion course here at Dv8. It’s been so fun passing on my skills and experience to my class each year and seeing students get a real start in the fashion industry. Every year there are some real surprises and amazing designs, I always look forward to seeing what the class will achieve.

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you…

Outside of all my fashion experience, I also began tattooing 8 years ago and in the last two years I’ve built a studio to do this in. I’m now a fully registered and insured tattoo artist. I design all of the tattoos and feel my textile training has given me a real insight into creating unique designs.

Want to be taught by someone as exciting as Sharon? Take a look at the Intermediate Fashion course here!

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Staff Profile – Jason Murphy, Music Production Course Manager


Tell us about how you got started in Music Production and Performance

During my time studying Performing Arts and Music at college I began writing songs, DJing at parties and performing in various bands. Eventually I signed with an indie record label and major music publisher and began promoting live music nights and touring. I also started my own mobile recording studio business and I was freelancing as a studio and music production consultant before getting a job as a technician at Northbrook College where I helped build their first major studio complex. This was a steep learning curve that lead onto a teaching qualification and a job as a Music Tutor. I eventually moved to City College Brighton and Hove where I became Curriculum Leader for Music and Journalism before finally deciding I needed a new, exciting challenge and came to Dv8.

I continue to write, perform and produce music under various monikers depending on what I’m into at the time and I have just completed a Masters Degree in Fine Art at Brighton University. My final show for this included releasing an E.P. of my compositions on 200 individually pressed and painted vinyl records called Deconstructed Instruments which you can find out more about here: www.jddouglas.net.

I have shown my artwork and curated a number of exhibitions in the Brighton and Hove area and I am currently planning an exhibition that will showcase a variety of creative disciplines including; sound and film installations, performances, sculptures and painting.

What do you enjoy about working at Dv8 Sussex?

DV8 is a unique place with fantastic staff who all work hard to support, advise and guide young people in realising their academic and career aspirations. Everyone at DV8 is passionate about creating opportunities for and developing the skills of young people so that they can progress into work and/or University with confidence.

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you…

I just did.

If you’d like to be a part of our Intermediate or Advanced Music Production course that noisy Jason plans and puts together, you can see more details and apply here.


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Staff Profile – James Barton, Live Events & Promotions tutor


Tell us about how you got started in Live Events…

When I was 18 I moved from Nottingham to Brighton to study Music degree at Sussex University and liked it here so much I’ve stayed for 14 years so far! My first proper job after uni was working on the box office at Komedia which was so fun. The people were great and I got such a buzz from being in a working venue with different shows every night. Over five years there my role became sales and marketing and I loved coming up with ideas to reach new audiences and promote shows.

After Komedia I got involved in various education projects, which included a very cold but rewarding year spent working in Norway, and then got a job with Brighton Dome & Festival. I really enjoyed working for such a prestigious organisation, especially during May when the whole of Brighton gets taken over by new and exciting events and installations. I also got to do some pretty cool things like going over to Paris to watch a dance show based around boxing and hiphop to see if we could bring it to Brighton!

Outside of the office jobs I ran a successful clubnight called Ye Ye Fever at Green Door Store for five years which I’m proud to say always had people queuing down the street to get in. I’ve also played in and arranged a lot of jazz nights, and a few far out experimental music art events! At present I’ve got some plans for a new venture but keeping it under my hat for now…

What do you enjoy about working at Dv8 Sussex?

Dv8 is such an amazing environment to work in. It’s a privilege to be surrounded by so many people who are excited and passionate about their courses and the chance to be creative. I love teaching on the Live Events course because most of the students have never had the chance to study the subject before at school or college and I get to open up this whole amazing world for them. I’m always blown away by what the classes achieve each year, it was particularly incredible to witness the Level 3 students plan, programme and run a venue for Brighton Fringe this year, it’s the first time ever that young people have done that! I also love the one-off gigs the students organise from such a wide range of styles and genres. I can’t wait to meet the new cohort each year and see what their interests are.

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you…

In my spare time I’m a portrait painter though I don’t have much spare time these days!

If you’re interested in being taught by James and getting started in the Live Events industry read more about our courses here and apply today!

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Staff Profile – Richard Smith, Live Events & Promotions tutor


We caught up with our brilliant Live Events & Promotions tutor Rich to find out what got him started and what makes him tick…

Tell us about how you got started in Live Events…

My initial experience in live music was as a performer, before taking a natural trajectory into promoting and although I have worked across many sectors of the music industry, I have always gravitated towards live music.

My first promotional venture was at 15 years old, where my band Space Coyote played Nirvana covers to a sold-out audience of gig-thirsty school friends. Though my skills and experience have come along way since, 20 years later the buzz and thrill of promoting and working in events has never waned.

In 2011 I co-formed Brighton based Yeah Yeah Industrial Estate putting on nights at The Green Door Store, Sticky Mikes and The Haunt promoting artists such as AK/DK, Damo Suzuki and Fujiya & Miyagi.

I have worked across many areas of the live music industry including promotion, production, tour management and merchandising, working at events including Bestival, Big Chill, Glastonbury and BBC Live Lounge.

Currently (alongside teaching at Dv8) I work for Interceptor Management and assist with a varied roster of artists.

What do you enjoy about working at Dv8 Sussex?

It’s incredibly exciting to see the energy, creativity and genuine passion for live events from the Dv8 students. This enthusiasm has led to the creation of a range of interesting and successful events from a good old-fashioned grungy rock party at a music studio to a comedy night raising money for a mental health charity. As my background is in the music industry it’s really great to see that the next generation are as excited about things as me and helping develop their knowledge and experience is fantastic.

And finally tell us something we wouldn’t know about you…

In my spare time I produce and write songs. Recent activity includes writing the music for the Howard Marks / Dylan Thomas Record Store Day release ‘Do Not Go Gentle’.

If you’re interested in being taught by Rich and getting started in the Live Events industry read more about our courses here and apply today!