Music Production

Ages : 16-18
Duration : 1 year, 3 days per week
Location : Brighton & Bexhill
Entry Requirements :
Introduction No prior qualification necessary but an interest in music is necessary, applicants are interviewed and assessed on an individual basis for
this course
Intermediate previous Level 1 qualification or relevant experience
Advanced previous Level 2 qualification in Music or relevant experience and portfolio of work

From the essentials of recording to advanced modern studio techniques, Dv8 Sussex is the place for you to explore and develop your talents. Enjoy performing? Interested in producing? Want to learn about the technical and business side of music? You will explore all aspects of the music industry, developing your creative confidence and marking the starting point for your career in the music industry.

The course will allow you to gain insight into production and recording techniques, songwriting, live performance and engineering. You will develop your musical identity by focusing on your personal goals and career aims. With the help and guidance of award winning tutors who have ‘been there and done it’ you will leave the course with confidence, experience and an understanding of all the career options within the creative industry’s most exciting sector.

At Advanced Level there is the opportunity to follow a one or two year pathway, giving you the chance to gain UCAS points and a greater wealth of experience. You can choose to focus on performance or production depending on your preference with expert tuition and guidance in each area. Performers will play gigs on a regular basis, developing their confidence and experience, whilst producers will be encouraged to create a diverse portfolio of productions and styles. Plus the advantage of having producers and performers in the same space is the chance to work together on a variety of exciting projects. We will give you the opportunity to explore a variety of work placements with studios, record companies and musicians to help you build crucial industry knowledge and contacts. You will be given the confidence to take your music to a new level with professional performances, recordings and promotion, helping you to build a respected musical profile.

Projects include:

Performing at venues across the south coast
Setting up a record label and releasing students’ work
Recording and collaborating with established artists
Work with Brighton record labels
Previous guests have included DJ Skitz, MC Harry Shotta, spoken word artist Hollie McNish, Eyez and Dubzy , Tru Thoughts label bosses, Maya Jane Coles Rough Trade founder Geoff Travis

At Introduction Level you will:

Achieve RSL L1 Ext Certificate in Music Production
Learn to use Logic music software
Explore recording techniques
Begin to find your voice as a performer
Gain confidence working independently and in teams

At Intermediate Level you will:

Achieve RSL L2 Ext Certificate in Music Production
Work on collaborative projects
Build Logic Skills
Release a compilation album
Get more experience performing live

At Advanced Level you will:

Achieve RSL L3 Ext Certificate in Music Production (1 year pathway)
Achieve RSL L3 Subsidiary Diploma in Music Production (2 year pathway)
Work on artist development
Release an album or EP
Organise a launch event
Create a portfolio of professional recordings
Perform at a variety of venues

Progression routes:

Internal progression from Introduction to Intermediate
Internal progression from Intermediate to Advanced
An Advanced Level qualification will allow you to progress onto Foundation Level university courses
Previous students have gone onto secure record deals and work within the music industry in a variety of roles
Progress to employment in a variety of roles with the music and creative sector

“From being at Dv8 I’ve achieved great things such as performing at the De La Warr Pavilion to supporting Rodney P and DJ Skitz. I’ve also learnt producing, recording properly and being able to give it a pre-master and mix just so it sounds that little bit better.” Marcus, Music Production Graduate (2 Year Pathway)

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