To be the bridge between work and education through high quality, employer led training that inspires, empowers and connects people, providing opportunities to progress in learning and work.. 


We aim to empower young people and adults to be successful in the workplace. We believe that to achieve this, education must not only provide knowledge and skills, but also the experience and confidence to be successful in life and work.

To achieve this, we design programmes that offer a combination of Creative Vocational Skills, English and Maths, Enterprise Skills, Personal and Social Development and Creative, Growth Mindset Thinking.

We believe that classes should be small with a high level of support to enable students to learn effectively and work as a team to achieve goals.

A good level of Maths and English and vocational skills are essential to be successful in work, however it is the personal characteristics of a young person that will enable them to stand above the crowd.

Being a fabulous team member and colleague, a resilient team leader, a great networker, a creative thinker and imaginative problem solver will open doors and provide opportunities for careers in meaningful employment.

These are the characteristics that we aim to embed through practical, project led programmes of learning, delivered by high quality teachers and led by employers and creative professionals who can bring the latest industry practice into the classroom.


Creativity – At the heart of all that we do

Respect / Responsibility / Resilience – We believe that young people need, and deserve respect, to be successful. We all also have to take responsibility to being a positive force in the world and be resilient when things don’t always go as we had planned.

Enterprise / Excellence – Being enterprising, solving problems and innovating is how the world can be changed. Being Excellent in all that we do will help others to achieve this.

Application – Nothing happens without hard work

Teamwork – No one can change the world alone. We all need our team around us to be functioning to achieve shared goals

Inclusivity – We believe all should have the opportunity to learn, develop and achieve, regardless who they, where they have come from and of any additional needs that they may have.

Vocational – We believe education must be rooted in the workplace to provide context and meaning

Employer Led – Employers are the best people to bring the skills relevant for today into classroom and workplace learning. Our tutor and assessor team is full of industry professionals and we involve employers in all our programme design and delivery.

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