FREE Summer Programme

FREE Summer Programme


16 - 24*


Brighton & Bexhill


5 days per week for 2 weeks

Our Get Creative summer programme is now complete for 2018. Check out some of the highlights below. We will be running another summer programme full of creative skills training and workshops in 2019. To register your interest, please email


Get Creative is an exciting summer programme with over two weeks of music, media, art, gaming and fashion workshops, events and experience. You’ll build and develop creative skills across music and media workshops during the first week, culminating in a whole group project where you’ll collaborate to produce a music video that will be showcased to an audience at the end of the programme. 

You’ll also attend a gig with your class mates and a creative industry trip, work with music and media experts, achieve a Bronze Arts Award, meet liked minded people and have fun!

Music workshops

  • Learn Logic Pro and Set Up a Live Recording Studio
  • Produce an Original Music Track or a Cover of Favourite Artist
  • Learn how to re-mix tracks 
  • Set up and perform your own gig

MEDIA / DIGITAL workshops

  • Learn to use a DSLR and set up a professional photoshoot
  • Edit your photos in Photoshop
  • Learn Premier Pro and Edit a Music Video for Your Favourite Artist or a Track of Your Own
  • Learn how to animate in a day
  • Have a green screen introduction and learn about the effects that you can use 

ART / FASHION workshops

  • Construct your own garment in a day using every day materials 
  • Explore illustration and animation
  • Bring your wildest creative ideas to life in a range of medium and put on your own art show
  • Take Part in a Stencil Art Graffiti Workshop

GAMING workshops

  • Create a Unique Interactive Environment in VR with Sound & Visuals
  • Bexhill only – Daily workshops in coding and game design including creating your own game to take away with you 

*Eligibility criteria

The Get Creative Summer Programme is free to…

  • All Year 11 and 13 leavers not in work
  • College students finishing a one year course not in work
  • Free to anyone who is not employed or in education aged between 16-24

If you do not fit the above criteria it is possible to pay a day rate to attend the workshops.

What our previous students say

Photography practise

It was great to get the chance to make my own short film in the summer, I got a real headstart before beginning a media course


1 Brighton FM Radio Takeover 3

I loved my summer workshops at Dv8. I made loads of friends and got the chance to try out lots of things I'd never done before!