Tom Hines Audio Active Workshop

Dv8 Sussex’s Employability Week ran from Monday 20th March to Friday 24th March. A chance for our students to access invaluable work placements plus workshops, trips. Plus to finish off the week in style we held our annual Creative Careers Day at Komedia Brighton, featuring all manner of exciting industry professionals. Read on below for a taste of the magic that unfolded…

Chalk Architecture Visit

Chalk Architecture Trip 2

Hosted by Jeremy Diaper, Media and Music students were given an insight into how an innovative small firm of architect-designers work on creating cutting edge designs including iconic Brighton spots such as Small Batch Coffee, BagelMan and The Hare and Hounds.

The group were thrown into a pro task redesigning the interiors of a London Coffee shop. The students were amazingly creative, picking out well co-ordinated colours and materials. Having mastered interiors, the group moved onto structures in the most closely contested build-the-tallest-tower-out-of-paper-and-tape ever. Chris and Calvin snatched it with a tower 2m and 16cm tall.

John Young Employability Workshop

John Young Bexhill Hive Workshop

John Young brought his boundless energy and exciting camera equipment to his workshop with our Bexhill students. Throughout the session John explained the transferable skills and techniques that help you to secure a job in the industry of your choice. He also taught our students about his path into broadcasting and even let us have a go on his auto-cue… it’s a lot harder than it looks!

Gerry Thompson – Always Possible Workshop

Gerry Thompson Always Possible

Comedian Gerry Thompson offered our students a dynamic workshop to discuss how confidence and drive can help you with your first steps into employment. Student’s brainstormed about the desirable traits for candidates and the ways that they can stand out to employers from application to the interview stages.

Brighton Film School Guest Visit

Brighton Film School
Anna Brighton Film School

Tuesday featured a wonderful talk by Anya from Brighton Film School, looking at the many different career paths that students can take and the courses they offer to get onto these paths.
Anya spoke about all the facilities, courses, guest speakers that Brighton Film School offers and she also talked about the part time courses that are available to adults and under 18s alike.
The students learnt more about the members of a film crew from the on set carpenters to the director, showing them that there is a place on a film for almost any skillset.

Into University 

Get Into Uni Workshop

Into University are a fantastic organisation that provide a number of services. They came in to run an employability session with students that helped to build a foundation for their CVs and prep them for interviews with the classic do and don’t scenarios. Into University don’t just help with getting a place at uni, they help to prepare you for college placements, or work experience, or any other aspiration you might have.

Alex, One Inch Badge Guest Visit 

Alex One Inch Badge

On the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd we welcomed Alex, Founder of  concert promotions, record label and venue management company One Inch Badge into our Brighton campus. Alex spoke to our students about his journey into the live events and music industry, and how our budding students can propel themselves forwards as a young person entering the industry.

Some of the interesting discussions that took place include how long events of various scales take to set up, why students should be getting as much experience in local live events as they can right now, how events and festivals have changed over the years, do’s and don’ts when you’re starting out, and even Alex’s most unusual rider requests!

We know how tough it can be in the live events and promotions industry, and we particularly loved this piece of advice from Alex: “Try to find something in every event you’re a part of to appreciate. There may be gigs you’re a part of where you don’t particularity like the music, but there will be something positive, however small, you can take away from every experience that makes it completely worth it.”

Creative Careers Day 

On Friday 24th March we held our annual Creative Careers Day at Brighton’s legendary comedy club, Komedia. Creative Careers Day is a jam packed day full of workshops and Q&A sessions with an impressive line-up of industry professionals from a range of creative backgrounds including Media, Music, Fashion and Live Events. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to hear how creatives got their big breaks and to listen to advice and insight into working in their industries. Download the full indsutry guest / panel line-up

For more information on our industry guest / panel line-up, download our Creative Careers Day programme.

Images Panel

Victoria Melody, Performance Artist ||Dan Skelt, Freelance Videographer / Film Maker || Liv Butler-Stroud, 3D Environment Artist at Creative Assembly

Images Panel Creative Careers Day 17
Images Panel 2 Creative Careers Day 17

Some of our favourite top tips and quotes from the panel…

  • Dan recommends Shooting People for amazing film related opportunities!
  • Victoria: University is great socially but could potentially dictate what to do and is really expensive! Why not set up your own curriculum with people and subjects that inspire you!
  • Liv and Victoria both emphasised that you should seek out critique and thoughts on work you’ve produced. Be professional and don’t be afraid to ask for help! Show that you’re keen to improve and learn!
  • Dan: Try not to do things/work for free. Experience is great but your work is worth something. Get expenses covered at the very least!
  • Liv: Don’t be afraid to pursue your passion and take your time doing so.

Sound Panel

Leon Holder, Head Engineer at The Hope & Ruin / Bleach || Tim Ansell, Games Sound Designer at BottledBy || Lee Morrison, Brighton Music Conference / AFEM Executive Board Member || Rob Flinn, Electronic Engineer / Technician 

Sound Panel 2 Creative Careers Day 17
Sound Panel Creative Careers Day 17

Some of our favourite top tips and quotes from the panel…

  • Tim: Sound design is a challenge, creating various sound effects, voiceovers and music to help the overall experience for the gamer.
  • Leon: Mixing is basically live production. The artist / band rely on you as a sound engineer to compliment their sound.
  • Leon: You have to take responsibility for what you do and work in a team. Be confident with your skills and your capability.
  • Lee: Utilise social media and online platforms to reach your audience and promote yourself as an artist. Then record labels will take notice!
  • Rob: When you are freelance you have to manage your money, your time and rely on networking and word of mouth.

Word Panel

Tim Crouch, Writer / Director / Performer || Lucy Morrison, Associate Director at Royal Court Theatre || Paul Hodson, Writer / Director at The Future is Unwritten

Words Panel Creative Careers Day 17

Some of our favourite top tips and quotes from the panel…

  • Tim: If you like someone’s work, write to them, get in touch! Don’t be too formal, just be yourself. If you have an emotional connection with someone’s work, approach them!
  • Lucy: If you want to be an artist, you need to think about what it means to be an artist. Don’t get caught up thinking about it as a career. Real artists think about what they need to get out, listen to that, and are then true to that.
  • Paul: If you want to make things, you have to be selfish. You don’t need to try and change your work for other people, do what you want!

Workshops and Creative Discussions

Sarah Perryman, Participation & Development Manager at Brighton Fringe


Sarah ran a brilliant workshop with students helping them to plan their own Brighton Fringe events from scratch, followed by a discussion on how each would be managed.

John Young, News Reporter / Presenter

John Young Workshop
John Young Workshop 2

John delivered a thought provoking workshop giving students a flavour of the media industry and the skills needed to succeed in it. One of our favourite pieces of advice from John was that you’ll build new skills throughout your life and it’s okay to change your mind over what career path you want.

Employability tip: keep things short, and snappy – not everything needs an essay attached!

Tim Mapleston, Designer 

Tim Mapleston Workshop
Tim Mapleston Workshop 2

Tim hosted a creative branding and marketing workshop with students. He spoke about how he brands and markets major companies.

“I show that I am value for money by offering the company lots of logo variations. It is key to integrate the logo, stylistic themes and colour schemes across all promo materials to offer continuity of the brand.”

Tom Hines, Project Manager at Audio Active

Tom Hines Audio Active Workshop
Tom Hines Audio Active Workshop 2

Tom took time out of his day to deliver an awesome freestyle rap / Ableston Push workshop. Audio Active run weekly free workshops for young people of all abilities wanting to partake in musical activities. Check them out here!

Wise words from Tom… “Things aren’t always going to go the way you think they will. Keep your mind open, there are so many options. Producing is changing. It’s becoming a lot more social too. Get out and play a part in as many gigs as you can. You never know who’s going to be there and who you could meet. Opportunities are everywhere!”

Louise O’Mahony, Fashion Designer at Founder of Oh My Honey 

Louise O'Mahoney Creative Careers Day

Hot tips from Louise included…it is important to network and work with bloggers and social media contacts to get your designs out to the wider public. ‘

“I began creating wedding dresses for friends and then word of mouth and the vintage trend made my business into what it is now. It is important to network and work with bloggers and social media contacts to get your designs out to the wider public. You have to put the hours in. It is important to learn new skills along the way and ultimately to have a passion for what you do.”

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the guest speakers / people running workshops for giving up their time and taking part in our Creative Careers Day.  Your words and wisdom are invaluable to our budding creative students!

If you’d like to begin your journey into one of the creative industries, why not apply to join a Dv8 course in September!

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