Fashion & Design student Thomas was asked in his English lesson to produce a piece of creative writing using persuasive techniques. He sure put those techniques to good use, just have a read of this fantastic  piece about his experience studying at Dv8!

Thomas Fashion and Design Student

Fashion & Design student Thomas, with his latest corset design.

 “Young people should join Dv8 because of its energetic, passionate and distinguished vibe. Everybody that comes here is guaranteed to have an amazing time.  People that come here leave with qualifications, friends and a step closer to their dreams. What more could someone want out of a college?

At Dv8 there are many things that go on, with students always active and learning something new to add to their list of skills.  The staff are brilliant at what they do, helping their students to do well for the future and helping them.  Dv8 has a very homely feel to it with a lounge where students can go and take a break from the stress of everyday life, make a coffee, and just relax.

There are no pressures here, every student is looked after with the highest standards, with teachers making sure that every student is progressing at their own speed. The overall atmosphere at Dv8 really helps them to focus and learn in a calm and friendly environment. All students at Dv8 are outgoing and communicate well with other students and teachers, which makes the overall atmosphere great. Coming to Dv8 would definitely benefit young people, now and in the future.

One of my favourite moments at Dv8 was when I spent four weeks crafting my Trashion (fashion made of trash) piece, and then we put them on display and watched as people observed our amazing work.

Can you really afford not to come here?”

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